Understanding the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Men

Understanding the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Men


 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Man


The contextual basis of a fake penis is that it is an object that mimics a naturally looking penis enough to cause a junk bulge and, depending on its complexity, allows for sexual penetration and urination. FTM and Trans men can enjoy the miraculous wonders of fake penises as it bestows in you the sense of maleness that you have always craved in your groin region. And in modern healthcare, fake penises that include the simplest models, such as packers, to more complex modifications, such as prosthetic penises that you can get through surgery; it goes without mentioning that you have the right to pee, urinate, have a bulge and engage in sexual intercourse in a manner that feels and aligns you to your gender identity as explored herein.



What is a Fake Penis?

 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManA fake penis is an artificially designed penis that FTM and Trans men can use to fulfill their biological functions as men. For instance, a typical fake penis will come with the make-shift of a penis shaft and scrotum to give the memorable impression of a natural penis that most Transmen and FTM individuals seek. Depending on the complexity and use, they can be made from vast materials, including silicon, gel, plastic or metal. For phalloplasty, cosmetic surgeons will use skin flaps to construct for you a penis while for more advanced technological input in penile prosthesis, FTM individuals can go for surgery to have penile prosthesis.

Purpose and Benefits

FTM and Transmen swear by the numerous benefits and purposes that fake penises have on their

lives which include their practical uses and psychological uses that go hand in hand to create better life experiences.

  1.  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManPractical uses
  • Urination

Some fake penises as the stand to pee devices will help FTM individuals who have yet to undergo bottom surgery to pee while standing. They come with a funnel-shaped apparatus that is used to drain out urine which allows FTM individuals and Transmen to blend in and use the men’s bathroom.

  • Sexual activity

Some penile prostheses come with the advantage of offering an erect penis which can be a life-changing aspect for FTM individuals who want to have sexual intercourse through penetration. Many FTM and Transmen who have used fake penises assert that the erection functionality that comes with it has helped them have some of the most fulfilling sexual penetration events with their partners.


  1. Psychological and emotional benefits
  •  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManAlleviation of Gender Dysphoria

The anxiety-inducing feeling that your body anatomy does not align with your gender identity as an FTM can be crippling for you. Thus, a fake penis provides you the solution of a penis with a natural-looking bulge which can help you feel confident and happy in your body.

  • Confidence

Even as cis-men derive from satisfying their partners, it goes without mentioning that FTM and Transmen also have the desire to meet partner’s sexual expectations with sexual penetration, and fake penises do just that. As a FTM individual, you are likely to enjoy the sexual prowess that you provide to your partner when you can satisfy them sexually using your fake penis.

 Types of Prosthetics

If you are in the throes of looking for a suitable fake penis in your transition, consider the following types.

  1. packersPackers

Packers are the commonly used forms of the fake penis that FTM and Trans men can incorporate into daily life as they come with a host of uses ranging from bulging to voiding and penetration. Packers are made from bulging materials such as silicone, and may mimic the realistic look of a penis or come in a padded form to be used as a bulge.

  • For Bulging

They are used to add a bulge and a phallus-like appearance to your groin area for a more masculine look. Soft packers as the name suggests are made from a soft material, preferably thermal gels or soft silicone.

They are also colorfully nuanced to mimic an erect phallus and scrotum for a natural male bulge.

  • Penetration

STPSome packers come with the dual purpose of packing and penetration, which can be a good choice for FTM individuals who are keen to have both uses as a penis. A good example is the pack and plays prosthetic. The 3-in-one packer prosthetic gives FTM individuals the pleasure to pack, pee and play, making them one of the most versatile forms of fake penis that you can get out there.

  1. STP (Stand-To-Pee) devices

STP devices are types of packers used as fake penis for urination as they are designed to allow FTM individuals to pee while standing, thus earning the name. STP devices come with a funnel incorporated inside the device to allow urine to pass as a way to grant FTM individuals the privacy that they need when using the men’s bathroom. For transmen who have not had bottom surgery but yearn to pee while standing, STP devices are some of the best choices you can opt for in your transition journey.

  1. Prosthetic penises for intercourse

A penile prosthesis is a type of penis that comes with the erection capability that allows you to have sex with your partner for satisfactory outcome, especially for FTM and Transmen; however, cis men who have erectile dysfunction can use it to have an erection. The prosthetic penis is mostly received via surgery and comes in two types, including the inflatable and non-inflatable penis prosthetic.

  • Features

 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManPenile Rod

The penile rod is a cylindrical feature that keeps the penis in a semi-rigid state so that you can lift it or adjust it if you want to engage in penetrative sexual acts. Consequently, the penile rod component of your penis prosthesis supports the penis by creating the hardness for satisfactory sexual outcomes.


The penile prosthesis is made of a reservoir that rests near your bladder and will store a saline fluid which is used to keep the rod active and working. The reservoir, whether full or impartial, as a fluid resting place will determine your erection prowess.

 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Man


The prosthetic comes with a pump that helps pump saline fluid from the cylindrical rods to the penile space thus creating enough pressure for an erection. You will make movements on your pump to get an erection as an FTM or Trans man.


  • Benefits

Consider the following benefits of your prosthetic penis

pumpStrong Reliable Erection

As an FTM and Transman, the penile prosthesis will give you the advantage of a solid and erect penis for a heightened sexual experience for you and your partner. Its ability to maintain its erect nature makes it one of the most highly sought fake penises as it helps men with erectile dysfunction navigate sexual penetration.

Unhindered sensitivity

Getting the penile prosthesis does not hinder you from bodily sensations as an FTM or Transman, as it comes with the design to use for  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Manvast sexual positions. It does not interfere with your sexual stimulation as it does not cause tightening in your pelvic region just because it was placed there. If one needs to end an erection, simply pulling the valve to allow the rods to drain the saline fluid out helps with getting your penile prosthesis back to a flaccid state.

Hidden Penis

The incision made to give you the penile prosthesis is so tiny that your partner will hardly notice, and isn’t this the joy of getting one as an FTM  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Manindividual? You can safely enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner, knowing that your penile prosthesis and surgery are a secret to you unless you choose to disclose it to your partner.

  1. Custom vs. off-the-shelf options

Custom-made fake penises such as hyper-realistic dildos have garnered attention in recent years for FTM and Transmen who want to stand in their male power. These come with your favorite additions such as scrotum, and hairlike elements for your groin, and can even be circumcised to suit your penile requirements. Off-the-shelf options on the other hand focus on surgical elements where the cosmetic surgeon will remove skin flaps from one part of your body to make a make-shift penis.

Custom STPChoosing the Right Prosthetic

You want to ensure that you choose the right prosthetic and are comfortable in whatever use you intend to have.

  • Comfort

You want a fake penis that is not only functional but is comfortable for you and your partner, especially if it is designed for sexual intercourse. For comfort, ensure that you get a prosthesis of good quality and suitable materials, such as those made from silicone.


  • RealismRealism

Having a realistic-looking penis that comes with a natural bulge, a natural-looking erection, and functionality is a factor to consider when choosing the right prosthetic. A realistic penis matches your body size, your junk size and the erection is neither too long indicative of being artificially sought out.


  • Functionality

function of stp packerDepending on what you want your fake penis for, consider how it will help you get closer to your transition goals, be it urination or sexual penetration, or packing. Some opt for simple packers for bulging and urination, and at the same time, other FTM individuals are drawn to the multi-functionality of fake penises, such as three-in-one packers that allow for peeing, penetration, and for packing.

  • Price

You want to ensure that you stay within your budget range, especially if you have not had bottom surgery,

as getting phallus implants can be costly if unplanned. It is always advisable to keep in your fake

 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans Manpenis price range to avoid financial strains in your transition journey.

Tips for finding the right fit

Follow the following tips to find the perfect fake penis that suits your transition needs.

  • Use Brand Sizing Charts

The good news is that you can know the right fake penis size that you want depending on your bodily frame as a FTM and Transman. The excellent news, too, is that most fake penis brands will have a sizing chart that will range from extra small such as the limpy

small packer, to the extra-large packers, all for your choosing in your transition.

  • stand to pee experimentExperiment

Experiment with different fake penises to find the right fit for you, as the fun in getting a fake penis is in the journey of finding out what works for you and what does not. Experiment from simple packers to other complex packers such as STP to get a glimpse of what works for you and what does not so that you know what it is that you want in a fake penis.



Reviews and recommendations from the FTM and trans men community.

Patient satisfaction for fake penis implants, as stated by healthcare data, shows a 75%-94% satisfaction rate from the Trans community.

Additionally, most trans men who want to alleviate gender dysphoria swear by the miraculous effects of fake penises in helping provide

comfort and security in one’s identity through counterfeit penises.

Maintenance and Care

Whether your fake penis is a temporary or permanent one, you have to take intentional steps to ensure that maintenance

and caring practices are adhered to.

Cleaning and Storage Guidelines

  •  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManUse Clean Water

For fake penises such as packers, washing them with warm water, drying them with baby powder, and a dry towel can go a long way in ensuring that your packer is not only clean but also free from environmental factors that may hinder its use. After washing your fake penis, it is integral that you store it in a cool, dry place away from humidity and dust.

  • Mild, non-fragranced soap

Wash your packer with a mild non-fragranced soap, as scented soaps can contain chemicals that may erode your fake penis, which further hinders its durability. You want to ensure that you avoid exposure to eroding elements or anything that will attract fungal growth on your penis, such as fragrance additives. Rinse your fake penis thoroughly to remove any soap residue before storing it.

  •  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManAir Dry or Use a Clean Towel:

Ideally, you can air dry your fake penis to avoid pinching out any lint or fibers so that it is good as new. Also, consider how using a dry towel gently to dry your fake penis can ensure that it is clean and safe to use the next time you want to use it. The goal is to ensure that your phony penis is completely dry before storage.

  • Fake Penis Pouch for Storage

If you are using a packer or STP device as a fake penis, ensure that you keep it safe by storing it in its penis pouch. Such pouches can be custom-made or bought from your local retailers, and they are used to ensure that your fake penis is free from environmental contaminants when not in use and that it is safe from the reach of unauthorized parties.


Longevity and Durability Tips

 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManFor longevity and durability tips, follow the following guidelines

  • Healthcare checkups

If you have a penile prosthesis, take time to head to your healthcare providers to do routine checkups to ensure that your penis is in place and is free of damage. Additionally, after surgery, your penile implant may have mechanical errors, which makes it integral that you do routine follow-ups with your healthcare provider as a form of revision and maintenance.

  • Avoid powdering inside your fake penis.

Your fake penis is akin to a natural penis in that it has tubal sections that allow for urination and sexual intercourse, and consequently, powdering inside the penis invites the risk of blockages. Always powder the outside of the fake penis and ensure to remove any dust or powder remnants in the crevices, which may lead to powder particles accumulating that may hinder its overall function.

  •  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManAvoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Your fake penis is like a regular penis; you do not want it too tanned and aggravated by direct sunlight, considering most fake penis are made from light-sensitive materials such as silicon, elastomer or thermo-gel. As a consequence, allow your fake penis to serve you for the much-needed time by avoiding placing it in direct sunlight exposure.

Health and hygiene considerations

Consider health and hygiene must-do’s such as;

  • Deep Periodic Cleaning

 the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManWhile regularly cleaning your fake penis is non-negotiable, for health and hygienic considerations, always ensure that a periodic deep cleaning takes place, especially if your fake penis has been left unused for a while.


  • Sterilization with hot water

Fill your basin with hot water and immerse your fake penis and bring it to a boil for about 30 minutes. The deep cleaning exercises are meant to sanitize and eliminate any bacteria or fungal elements that may be present in the fake penis cracks of crevices.


  •  the Use of Fake Penis Among FTM and Trans ManDrying

Finish the deep cleaning exercise by removing your fake penis from the hot water and letting it cool down for a while. Pat dry with a clean towel and let it air dry before storage. This way, any mildew or mold growth will be eliminated.



You have the right to enjoy the world of Fake penis as a way to assuage your bodily needs and emotional needs as a FTM or Transman. From simple packers that give you the bulge to penis prostheses that offer you a realistic-looking penis for urination and sexual function, FTM and Trans men are only left with the task of finding the right fit to enjoy the manliness that comes with fake penises.

Always follow manufacturing guidelines to ensure that your fake penis serves you the longest and with the best functional intent as it should.

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