Any possible customs duty should be paid by buyers.
We don’t cover any customs cost.
We normally declare the same price as you pay us.
If you need low declaration, please contact us.
We are glad to offer you some advise but we don’t take responsibility for any possible results caused by low declaration.
And we don’t take responsibility for any shipping time delay caused by customs clearance.


Shipping and Delivery:

Our parcels are delivered by the most professional international shipping services. FedEx, DHL, and UPS offer a wide rage of additional options for your convenience, including a tracking option.7-14 business days (depending on location), Production process time for new products – up to 10 business days.

Tracking – yes.You will receive an automatic email or SMS about tracking information.

Instruct the carrier to return to sender and contact us immediately! We can’t insure or be liable for damaged shipments that are accepted from the carrier.

IMPORTANT. We do not take any responsibility for the lost or stolen packages, no matter what is the tracking status of the parcel. If the package is lost, stolen or not delivered, it will be subject to the claims process of the shipping company. If you require additional services, such as additional insurance or signature of the recipient, then please inform us before your shipment is sent.