Packing for beginners: Everything you need to know about packers

Packing for beginners: Everything you need to know about packers

If you are Trans or curious about the Trans world, you are familiar with the word packer.

Packers have been instrumental in helping trans-men, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming individuals acquire a male-presenting appearance.

So, what exactly is a packer, and who can use it?

This article will discuss everything you need to know about packing.



What is a packer?




A packer is a tool you can use to enhance your groin area, making your bulge endowed.

Different people wear packers for various reasons, including functionality and aesthetics.

As a cis-gender male, you can wear a packer to have a more prominent bulge, while a trans person can wear it to achieve a male-presenting groin area. 


What’s the price range?


Packers come in various types and shapes and have varying prices.

Depending on a packer’s material, size, and style, you can get packers as low as $8 to over $150.

You can also get a custom-made packer, which is relatively more costly than off-the-shelf products.

Remember, the price of a packer isn’t always a reflection of its quality.

You can’t get a great packer at an affordable price, so you don’t have to spend much to achieve your packing dream. 


What are the various types of packers?


Everyone deserves to get a packer that meets their packing needs.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in packing, you deserve to wear something comfortable that makes you feel good.

Packers are designed to provide maximum benefits and come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and materials.

So, how do you choose the best packer that meets your needs? Simple, you need to know about the various types of packers.

The different types of packers include the following:


Does wearing a packer mean you can’t pee or have sex?

Certainly not!

If you are looking for a realistic-looking packer that allows you to have sex or pee, you can’t go wrong with a multi-purpose packer.

With a multi-purpose packer, you can have an impressive bulge that allows you to comfortably pee and have sex, giving you a fantastic packing experience.


Stand-To-Pee packers (STPs)

  • Stand-To-Pee packers (STPs)

An STP packer is ideal for someone that doesn’t have a bottom surgery but wants to urinate standing up.

Stand-to-pee packer is convenient if you want to use traditionally male facilities, including bathrooms, since they allow you to pee without drawing attention.




  • Soft packer

A soft packer is a packer that looks like a flaccid penis.

Soft packers are ideal for wearing in public because they give you an impressive bulge without making it look like you have a hard-on.

Most soft packers are made from skin-friendly material, making them comfortable to wear.




What’s the difference between a packer and a sex toy?


While used interchangeably, packers and sex toys are pretty distinct.

The major difference is in their uses: sex toys are for sexual pleasure, while packers are part of gender-affirming care.


How to pick, fix, and use FTM packers


Wearing a Packer can be exciting and scary, especially if it’s your first time.

What if it falls off, looks unnatural, or gross, making people stare at your groin?

Packing can be intimidating, but the fear is nothing compared to the joy you get from wearing something that makes you complete.

Here are simple tips to help you use FTM packers:


  • Avoid substitutes (Go for quality)


A common mistake most beginners make in packing is using substitutes to save money.

While substitutes such as dildos are fantastic sex toys, they can’t replace packers.

Wearing a packer gives you a realistic feeling and comfort you can’t get from easy-to-get replacements.

Packers have a well-defined, realistic bulge that looks normal, making it easy to blend in with other male-presenting individuals in society.

Remember, you don’t need to buy high-value packers to get a realistic bulge.

Depending on your budget, you can get affordable packers that meet your gender affirmation needs, making it unnecessary to use substitutes.


  • Pick the right size

Can a packer be too big or too small?


The last thing you need when packing is to wear something too big for comfort or too small to feel good.

While getting the biggest packer to have a ginormous bulge can be tempting, go for something that complements your body.

The last thing you need as a trans or gender non-conforming individual is a packer that draws people’s attention to your groin.

So, how do you know the best size to pack?

Do you walk around fitting different packers to test which ones you like best?

Sounds impractical, right? Consider using a homemade packer, such as a stuffed sock, to test what works for your body type.

You can order whichever size works for you once familiar with different packer sizes.

Ideally, start with a small or medium size packer and get bigger sizes as you become an experienced packer.


  • Take your time to find the right fit

Take your time when choosing a packer. Packing is a personal experience, so you should choose something that suits your needs.

Don’t expect a packer to cure your gender dystopia or make you feel complete.

Remember, unlike your hand or leg, a packer is a foreign organ, and it may take a while to feel natural.

It may take a while before you get the hang of wearing packers.

Consider using undergarments that comfortably hold your new appendage in place.

Whether you prefer wearing jockstraps, briefs, or boxers, you can get undergarments that facilitate packing.

You can practice wearing packers at home to avoid getting into embarrassing mishaps socially.

For example, you can wear a packer when doing exerting tasks at home to test its comfort when working. 


  • Packing is all about positioning.

Positioning can make or break your packing experience.

How and where you position your packer determines the size of your bulge.

Depending on your preference, you can make your bulge extra visible or give an illusion of a bulge.

 If you want a massive bulge, consider packing for a more realistic one.

Packing down ensures you have an impressive bulge regardless of your packer size.

You can also pack up, which involves placing your packer against your hip, giving you a subtle swelling around your groin area.


How to take care of them?


Various ways you can take care of your packer include the following:


  • Ensure it’s always clean

Do you want to walk around with a sanitary hazard around your genitals?

Certainly not!

You must clean your pay to ensure it’s comfortable, smells nice, and is healthy on your skin.

Cleaning your packer makes you feel good and more confident in social, professional, or sexual situations.

The best way to clean your packer is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Packers come in various materials, so you need to use manufacturers’ recommendations to extend their usefulness.

Consider washing it with soap and lukewarm water if using a silicone-made packer.

Remember, some packers are more porous, especially those made of cyberskin material, because they trap bacteria or dirt that can harm your genital area.



  • Dust your packers after washing.

While cleaning your packer with water, soap, or detergents is essential, dusting them before use is equally important.

The last thing you need is a packer that sticks to your clothes or skin because it’s sticky.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of constantly putting your packer in position because it keeps getting stuck on things down there?

The best way to dust your packer after washing is to deep it into cornstarch to remove the stickiness.

Alternatively, you can use any other powder to remove the stickiness after washing.


  • Sanitize your packers

Packers hang around pretty sensitive jewels, so ensuring they are in perfect condition is essential.

A packer should be comfortable and feel good on your skin.

Sanitizing your packer ensures you can avoid infection risk caused by bacteria.


  • Proper storage

The best way to store your pack is to keep it dry, dust-free, and in a well-ventilated area.

Whether you have one or a collection of packers, ensure you have an ideal place for them to protect them from damage.




Packing is essential in protecting non-gender conforming individuals’ mental and physical well-being.

By wearing a packer, you can get a gender-affirming look that can make you feel confident, comfortable, and attractive, achieving a relatively high quality of life.




Can I fly with my packer? Will it set off metal detectors?

No, a packer doesn’t set off metal detectors unless made of metallic material.


Can I swim or shower with my packer on?

Yes. Most packers are made of silicone, which is water-resistant.


Are there packers designed for various clothing styles?

No, it’s all about personal preference. Any packer will look fantastic if you choose something that complements your body and style.


Can packing help alleviate dysphoria?

Yes, a packer can help you get into a mental state that aligns with your preferred gender.


What if I experience discomfort or chafing while packing?

Depending on your packer’s material, fit, or size, you may experience discomfort or chaffing.

To enhance your packing experience, choose a packer made of skin-sensitive material such as silicone to avoid allergic reactions.

Choosing a packer that complements your body type can eliminate chaffing and discomfort.

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