Packing 101: A Guide to Solve the Questions of FTM Packers

Packing 101: A Guide to Solve the Questions of FTM Packers

The packers, strongly linked with the LGBT community, provide an opportunity where people can showcase their desired gender identity, which they have been trying for years to express.

This article will examine what a packer is, individuals who need to use it, its benefits, different types, the price range, how-to put-on packers, and how to maintain the baler.



What Are Packers?


Packers form prosthetic devices that serve mainly as a means of helping people attain a true-to-life and positive impression about their sexual identity and role orientation by creating an illusion of genital protrusion.

Transgender men, genderqueer people, or those looking for a temporary or permanent means of presenting outward appearance per their gender can use these silicone penis-shaped devices.

You can wear various types of packers underneath clothing in different shapes, colors, and sizes, based on your preference.


What Are Packers?


Who Needs to Use Packers?


It would be best if you had packers when you wish to appear as someone of the opposite gender than yourself.

Packers are a great tool for individuals who want to increase body confidence or feel comfortable with themselves.

Transsexuals and gender-neutral people frequently employ packers to reduce gender unease.

They may also be used by cisgender men who wish to explore different types of gender expressions or improve their private parts’ aesthetics.


Who Needs to Use Packers?


Kindly note that packers do not vibrate, and some are weak in penetration.

The manufacturers aim the design of these devices at enhancing the bulge’s look and the outer appearance, but not inner stimulation.

However, manufacturers have focused on creating sex toys to offer pleasure with a variety of designs, sizes, and functions.


What Are the Benefits of Packers?


Packers have advantages as they help those who think about and desire to own them.

These benefits may include:


  • Increased Comfort


Confidence may result in comfort, especially for individuals who pack to minimize the psychological discomfort presented by the wrong physique.

A packer enables you to be safe in an environment where people get harassed and discriminated against based on their gender identity.


Increased Comfort


  • Enhanced Gender Affirmation


People need to have a sense of safety when presenting their gendered selves.

Packers may not go a long way toward alleviating the plight of people suffering from gender dysphoria.

For instance, using packers may enhance confidence for individuals who face gender discrimination due to their choice of gender identity.


Enhanced Gender Affirmation


  • Building Connections


When engaging in romantic or sexual activities, a packer may enable you to feel confident about your sexual orientation since they act as a penis.

Also, packers make an individual wearing them feel more relaxed and freer to be themselves when being intimate, hence building a connection with their partners.


Building Connections


  • Versatility in Expression


Packer designs are available in different colors and designs, hence enabling you to have a variety to select from according to your personality and appearance.

Also, packers help individuals who come out as transgender to look like the gender identity they believe they are.


Versatility in Expression


What Is the Difference Between Packers and Sex Toys?


In terms of their functionality, packers do not really differ much from traditional sex toys.

For instance, packers enable you to feel as though you have actual genitals, hence providing you with the comfort you need and gender presentation.

On the other hand, sex toys are worn on the body by individuals during sexual intercourse for pleasure.


In addition, some individuals may decide to have sex using a packer and could perform it independently or together with one more individual.

Under certain conditions, well-designed packers may provide arousal that people want to find during sex.


What Is the Difference Between Packers and Sex Toys?


What Are the Types of Packers?


Manufacturers design packers in different forms and for different purposes so that individuals may have a variety to select from based on their preferences.


What Are the Types of Packers?


Some of the known types include:  


  • Daily Packer


A daily packer is a light, comfortable packer that you can wear all day, and they usually make it from softer materials that have natural-looking hump shapes.


Daily Packer


  • STP (Stand-to-Pee)


The STP packers have an attachment similar to a funnel so that people can stand and urinate through them.

Such packers may be very helpful, especially for those looking for smooth use of toilets in public restrooms.


STP (Stand-to-Pee)


  • 3 in-1 Packer


The packer is a combined function of packing, urination, and penetrative sex, which provides people with the convenience of a single unit that can do everything at once.

This is characterized by the fact that they usually use a detachable prosthesis to penetrate.


3 in-1 Packer


  • 4 in-1 Packer


Like 3-in-1 packers, 4-in-1 packers also come with an attached prosthetic that allows you to penetrate without using any other attachment.

It improves your experience and boosts your confidence.


4 in-1 Packer


What Is the Price Range for Packers?


In line with this, the prices of packers depend on factors like brand, quality of material, type, weight, shape, and personal factors.

The prices may range from cheap everyday packers to advanced high-end ones with unique features.

At the lower rate ranges are essential packs made of silicone or cyber skin, which go from $20 to $50.

Manufacturers usually make these high-end packers from natural materials and price them at over $50 or even $309 per piece.

While selecting a packer, you should consider your taste, the purpose for which it is required, and the budget.


What Is the Price Range for Packers?


Packers are essential in every person’s journey who realizes their gender identity and is willing to explore.

At Banabuddy, we have various types of packers for different application cases.

Our collection comprises anything ranging from everyday comfort to versatile 4-1 options for all tastes and preferences.


How to Put On the Packers?


Everyone who sees and likes it should be able to feel the packer when wearing it.

However, finding a naturally comfortable position is crucial.


Here’s a step-by-step guide you may find helpful on how to put on a packer:


  • Positioning


Positioning is based on individual preferences of what they prefer to look like or how others should see them.

There are two standard packing techniques: packing up and packing down.

Also, to position the packer, you should avoid placing it on most hip muscles and instead place it on one of the hip flexors, preferably on the side where the packer should rest.

You can snugly fit the packer against your body.




  • Packing Up


Layer the packer shaft down along one of your hip flexors to pack up.

Shift the position until it feels nice and looks better, making a bulge look straighter.


  • Packing Down


We refer to this process as packing down, whereby it is necessary for the shaft of a packer to be placed straight down through the lower part of the genitals.

Ensuring you have used appropriate tips to achieve a realistic look with a less intense-looking bump.


Packing Down


  • Keeping Your Packer in Place


You may use specialized packing underwear or special harnesses geared toward securing it.

Moreover, some packs include magnetic attachments or tabs for ease of holding up during the day.


Keeping Your Packer in Place


How Do I Maintain My Packers?


For it to serve you well and for a longer period, you should ensure that your packer is well-maintained and stored in the right place.

You can achieve these by following some of the vital tips provided below:


  • Use Regular, Non-hazardous Soap


You should use normal, non-hazardous, warm, soapy water to clean your packer and rinse it well.

You may also prefer to use water and hand soap that does not consist of harsh chemicals or dishwashing soap as they can destroy the packer’s material.


Use Regular, Non-hazardous Soap

Photo of yellow rubber gloves


  • Avoid Powder Inside the Packer


You may prefer to use powder and water to reduce stickiness.

However, you must avoid putting powder inside the packer since it may damage the design and material.


Avoid Powder Inside the Packer


  • Dry with Thin Paper


Once your packer is clean, it is important to dry it well with a thin paper to remove any moisture and water that may accumulate inside since moisture may result in the accumulation of bacteria, which may cause harm around your genital area.


Dry with Thin Paper


  • Avoid Using Dishwashing Soap


Dishwashing soap can have toxic chemicals that might affect the packing materials’ texture, thus making them dull and failing in their purpose.


Avoid Using Dishwashing Soap


  • Wash with Water After Use


Always cleanse your packer using fresh water after every use to keep it sanitary and reduce inhibiting bacterial growth.

The maintenance will enable the packer to continue serving you for a long time.


Wash with Water After Use


Learn More: How to Choose the Size of Packers?


When looking for a packer with the right size with which you can feel comfortable, ensure that you get one that works best with your body and preferences.

It is also noteworthy that weight, size, and height matter.

Visit our website to get a  thorough explanation of what you should consider and choose about your size packer.


How to Choose the Size of Packers?






For you to achieve the best outward appearance and stimulate a natural-looking male penis, you may consider using packers.

Such measures may help to reduce gender dysphoria, improve body image, and make it possible for people to express their gender identity or appearance.

Although different packers exist, what is essential is to find one that fits well, is easy to maintain, and takes up a position that does not strain your body.

Packers can be advantageous as they are empowering devices meant for everyday wear or even when an individual engages in sexual activities.

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