FTM Makeup Tips: How To Look More Masculine

FTM Makeup Tips: How To Look More Masculine

Makeup is not just about colors but gives us a way to increase our beauty, show off creativity, and provide ample self-confidence.

Makeup doesn’t know the gender, age, or societal norms.

It’s about integrating your unique features, using vibrant colors, and making your own story.

Makeup is fun and makes us feel good about ourselves.

By trying out different looks and grooming oneself, individuals can gain the confidence that is significant for self-discovery.

Every face is shaped differently, hence why everyone requires different shades and makeup techniques that suit their face.

FTM people use a specific shading and highlighting process to create well-defined masculine facial features.


FTM Makeup


Through the usage of makeup, one can bring out the dormant artist within them to play with colors and pigments.

Today’s blog talks about FTM makeup tips and how to look more masculine.

People dealing with FTM improve their confidence by setting a unique fashion statement and communicating themselves through it.

One must not copy others and embrace the differences that they possess.

The first step is to pick your makeup kit and utilize these tips.



What Is Male Makeup Look


Makeup isn’t just for females; it can make men look sharper and more confident, provided they know how to use it.

When FTM people are transitioning from female to male, they might feel left out and thus should use makeup to alter their features according to gender norms.

One should be authentic to himself instead of following societal norms.

This technique allows you to improve your facial looks in a way that is suitable to your desire, irrespective of what their current look may be.


What Is Male Makeup Look


Some methods are perfect for a fast and cleaned-up look like fixating the edges, covering imperfections, and shaping the eyebrows.

Makeup is used to represent who they are, and what they stand for by providing a means of external display.

Makeup is an art, so people are using it to increase their creativity and enhance the way they look.


How To Use Makeup For A More Masculine Look


Proper skills are important if you want to appear as a masculine man.

For the perfect makeup look, focus on little things such as using shadows for a prominent feature, mascara for fuller-looking eyelashes, etc.

The main objective is not to bring considerable change; rather, it’s to enhance masculinity.

FTM people appear to be better versions of themselves by showcasing who they are and what they stand for through fashion.


How To Use Makeup For A More Masculine Look


Using The Right Makeup Tools


You have to be proficient in choosing the right tools to get the best results.

Use multiple tools, like brushes and sponges, that come in handy for particular jobs. It helps to get


Using The Right Makeup Tools


Prepare Your Skin


(Cleansing, Moisturising)


Even out your skin tone to establish a clear canvas for a more refined feel and look.

To have a fresh-faced look, make sure the foundation (that matches your skin tone) is applied evenly on your face.

The first step provides a pathway for making sure that your makeup stays on perfectly all day.


Prepare Your Skin


Creating A Base Layer


(Foundation Base)


To make the skin smooth, use a primer to create an even base.

Choose the right foundation that complements your skin tone.

Apply it uniformly for a more flawless look.

The foundation is important as the first step for any further development to happen.


Creating A Base Layer


Eye Makeup


The most fun part of makeup is putting on eye shadows!

If you have good skills, no one can easily judge that you are wearing makeup.

Using eyeshadows, mascara, and eyeliner makes your eyes stand out.

Eyes have a prominent appearance.

It’s always a good idea to make sure the colors you choose match your clothes.


Eye Makeup




Men’s facial hair and eyebrows communicate vitality and respect.

By shaping the eyebrows using the powder, we can define our eyes, leading to highlighting our facial features.




Male Face Contouring


Highlight your facial features by contouring them. Guys tend to do this to look superior.

This strategy is an amazing way to add enhance, and more detailed features on your skin according to your requirements.


Male Face Contouring




To get a clear and sharper facial structure, students should focus on the high points of their cheeks.




By darkening or lightening specific areas on your nose, you can highlight its unique shape and make it stand out more.




By doing slight shadowing on the chin, we can make it look more defined and give it a more manly look.




By shaping and grooming eyebrows everyone looks neater and enhancing the beauty of a personality.


Enhanced Facial Hair


Elevate facial hair strategically.

Use brow powder, which is the same color as your hair, to fill in the gaps of your eyebrows.

An eyebrow pencil or eyeliner is used to add more precision, while mascara is used to make the eyelashes look thicker, just like having real hair.

For that bold statement, consider adding a fake mustache or beard.

It might help intensify your masculinity.


Enhanced Facial Hair


Enhance Hairs with A Brow Powder That Matches Your Facial Hairs


Use a shade that matches the color of your eyebrow hair to give your eyebrows a look that is more fluffed and natural.


Eyebrow Pencil or Eyeliner


Using an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil defines your brows and makes them look sharp.


Mascara Will Also Work


For a more precise look, such as volume and depth to eyebrows for their thickness, one can use mascara.


Beard Or Fake Moustache


Grow a beard or don a fake mustache to make a strong appearance and appeal to masculinity.


Other Tips To Make Yourself Look More Masculine


Trying different hairstyles and grooming our physical appearance is impactful to make ourselves feel good.

The best way to reflect your masculine image is through your dressings, so choose them wisely.


Hair Styling


Two distinct options to go for when you have a chiseled jawline.

The cuts or styles that conform to it would be an ideal option; other than that, always resort to short hairstyles, as they give off a masculine vibe.

Choose the haircut as it emphasizes the angles of your jaw.

These looks will be sharper and have a stand-bravery look.


Hair Styling




Consider tanning your skin for a moderate tan to improve the visible look of FTM men.

Try to keep a balanced and accurate look so that it may not look too odd.






Choose dresses or styles that go best with your personality.

If you are a man, then this could be a dress that makes you feel ‘manly.’

Choose your outfits that are somehow typical and define the exact visual picture you want to present.




Body Language


To look more assertive are confident, there should be strong body language, like making eye contact and standing tall.

Be mindful of how you engage your body as a form to convey confidence and strength.


Body Language




What Is the Most Important Area That Should Be Changed?


What Is the Most Important Area That Should Be Changed?


Giving a masculine touch to your looks is done by getting well-groomed facial hair.

The way your facial features will be highlighted is heavily dependent on the choices you make to groom and style yourself.

The lower part of the face is mostly covered by a beard that’s why it gains a lot of attention.

One must explore countless looks and styles through it.

Thus making it a significant attribute. Facial hair improves the masculinity of a person rather than just focusing on looks.

It describes mostly by the age of an individual, and some meaning according to experience.

It does not matter whether you need a mustache or beard; the thing that matters is how you represent yourself in a male community.


Do I Have to Wear Makeup to Look Manly?


Do I Have to Wear Makeup to Look Manly?


Not all men have to dress and look a specific way; there are different men with their styles.

Every man has a different boldness, but we believe that all of them have the same one.

Grooming in a certain way can be essential for people if they’re aiming to look a certain way, like if someone wants to achieve a more masculine look.

It is important to feel comfortable within your skin so you can make your best features stand out using makeup.

It builds your confidence when you look your best. Be it a clean-shaven look or facial hair.

One needs to define masculinity in their own way.

Since you are the one who needs to represent your unique self, you can choose if you want to put on makeup to look manly.


How Can I Enhance My Makeup Skills?


How Can I Enhance My Makeup Skills?


It would be best if you kept practicing to master your makeup skills.

One needs to know the kind of facial features they have and then choose products that work the best for them.

Start with some basic techniques including how to shape your eyebrows and how to put a little bit of contour on your face.

Once you get the hang of it, everything will become easier for you!

One improves the thought process by seeking different ideas from multiple inspiration sources and asking for advice on various things.

By practicing again and again, you will reach a state of empowerment that will impact the way you appear, from being just okay to more confident and polished.

You have to find out what kind of style will suit you, and as your tastes change, how will you evolve that style into something new?

The way by which you want to showcase your creativity according to your styles.

No rules are mandatory for it. You can go with the flow!

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