Embracing Your True Self: A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underwork

Embracing Your True Self: A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underwork


 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks


One of the most highly sought routines for FTM and trans individuals is to masculinize the chest area using a binder.

A smoothened upper torso that one receives from using a chest binder will give you the bravado to claim your maleness.

A brand like Underworks offers a wide range of chest binding products and services while also ensuring your perfect fit, comfort, and style.

Find your chest binding options and products from Underworks outlined herein for a more fulfilling masculinizing process.



Understanding Binding

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Binding encompasses all processes used to bind and flatten one’s chest tissue for a more masculinized appearance

For FTM and transmen seeing yourself with breast bulges can leave you feeling as though your anatomy does not align with your gender identity.

Hence, binding in its truest sense, alleviates this perturbing feeling by flattening your

chest area giving you room to wear upper masculine clothing to align with your gender identity.

Why binding is important for FTM and Trans men

As a consequence, binding comes at the heels of helping you as a FTM and a transman ground yourself more into your gender identity by;

  • Reducing Gender Euphoria

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks The perturbing feeling of your upper torso does not align with your male gender identity can leave you feeling gender dysphoria

which presents itself via anxiety, confusion and disappointment in one’s body.

However, Underworks binders will help you compress your chest alleviating the anxiety as a flattened

chest makes you feel more anatomically aligned with your identity as a FTM and transman.

  • Self-Confidence

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Once you bind your chest area, you have the leeway to wear any male clothing of your choice without

worrying about breast tissue bulging which can be an exhilarating feeling.

You will gain confidence from feeling your manly persona come out with a masculine look that binders bring to you.

You will also feel more confident in your body and how it represents you to yourself and to the world.

  • Freedom and Personal Expression in Authenticity

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks The state of being confident to know your gender identity and taking intentional steps to bind your best

for a more masculine frame gives you the freedom and personal expression to express your authentic self.

Once you are aware of your gender identity needs, your anatomy and how binding can push you

a peak closer to who you truly are as a masculine, you will find yourself freely expressing who you are

without holding back and this is when your authentic self begins to shine for all to witness as a FTM and trans man.


Health and safety considerations

There is specific health and safety considerations to take into account when binding your chest with Underworks. They include;

  • Binding options

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Never use duct tape or bandages as chest binding options as it can have serious health implications for you.

Personal testimonies about the duct tape hindering breathing while damaging tissues are

not new complaints to look out for as you start your binding journey.

  • Quality

Go for quality chest binding products with skin-friendly fabrics that are purpose-made for chest compression.

Underworks chest binders are made from either stretchy cotton, nylon or spandex as seen with

the Tri-top Chest Binder for more skin-friendly and good aeration while you through your binding experience.

  • Size and Comfort

Opt for chest binders that fit and align with your chest area size as you do not want a chest binder

that is too tight which is at most uncomfortable and at worst, hinders your breathing or movement.

Going for a chest binder that fits comfortably is a safety precaution as you masculinize

your chest as safety precedes aesthetic in this part of your transition.

  • Pain and Discomfort

Lastly, if it hurts, simply stop and opt for larger compression shirts or other binding alternatives

that will help masculinize your chest with no pain or discomfort as the former indicates that your binding process is taking a wrong turn.

Why Choose Underworks?

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks You want a binding brand that not only helps you masculinize your chest but also

gives you the leeway to choose from vast binding styles and sizes.

In that case, Underworks has been lauded for its versatility and efforts to bring the

trans community together through versatile chest binding products.

Types of binders offered by Underworks

Underworks offer chest binder options based on style, size, and versatility as a brand manufacturer.

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks This is a particular chest binder category from Underworks in that it comes wrapped in a

three-layered fabric to help you achieve the confidence of a flattened chest.

Seaming and bunching are eliminated with this binder, which comes armed with undetectable

underclothing since it is flat stitched in the shoulder for more comfort.

  • Swim top Binders

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks The beach is a place Underworks takes much pride when curating binder pieces for FTM and transmen.

For instance, the Men’s Compression Sleeveless Swim Top will give you the opportunity

to jet ski and or catch some waves without worrying about your chest movement.

Attain the confidence of this binder from Underworks, as it also helps

form your masculine lines aside from flattening your chest.

  • Men Econo High Power Compression Chest Binder Top

men eco topIndulge your maleness to the men Econo High Power Compression Chest Binder

by mixing value, comfort, and comfort all day.

Coming in both long and short Econo styles, this binder comes with high compression at an affordable price.

  • The Underworks Cotton Concealer Tank Top

cotton soncealerFrom the many options, the Underworks Cotton Concealer is a must-pick if

you are looking for a binder that comes with layers of nylon spandex.

Consider your chest and tummy compression goals achieved for you with this binder as it is built for support.

If you are looking for a binder that stretches and recoils as you move, thus giving you maximum comfort, consider this binder.

Benefits of using Underworks binders

Underworks come with its unique advantages to make your binding experience worth it;

  • Quality

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Underworks upholds its brand frame by producing quality binders that are breathable,

durable and comfortable for you as a FTM or transman. Underworks is committed to creating

binders from stretchy materials such as cotton and spandex for more breathability and longevity.

The Econo binder for instance made from nylon and spandex and a front lining

made from cotton ensures that your hip and tummy area will not be constricted.

  • Varying Sizes for all customers

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Opt for Underworks as your binder brand as it carters to the vast trans demographic chest sizes.

Underworks understand that bodies are different and thus strive to encompass different binder sizes for different users.

The Underworks sizing chart for the Tri-top chest binder for instance ranges from the small

size to the extra-large to ensure everyone has a binder to choose from regardless of their body size.

  • Varying binder styles

Underworks Prides itself in offering vast chest binder styles for you.

For instance, Underworks produces chest binders in varying styles such as binders in the form of tank tops,

pull over design, and binders that come in the form of compression bras, including

and not limited to pre and post-surgical chest binders.

These binders also come in different color styles ranging from black, white to nude for your choosing.

  • Affordability

Underworks includes chest binders at prices for people of all walks of life as you can get an

affordable binder costing $14.00 which is the Underworks compression shirt as a binder.

Other consumers who can afford the Mens Extreme Gynecomastia Chest binder for $44.00 also get to enjoy chest compression.

Overall, your budget cannot limit you from finding a chest binder from Underworks as it is a

brand that not only takes pride in helping the trans community but

also ensuring that no FTM or trans man is left behind in chest binding due to binder price.

Selecting the Right Underworks Binder

Here is what to look for when selecting your best Underwork binder;

  • Different styles and sizes available

If you choose Underworks as your Binder brand, you are in for luck because most of the binders here have varying styles of your choosing.

  • Short or long binders

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Underworks offers you a host of binder sizes that range from short or long depending on

your consumer taste as a FTM or as a transman. Long binders as their name suggests extend

below the waist area as short binders halt at the waist area.

They come with the added advantage of compressing the tummy and the hip.

An example of a short binder by Underworks is the Econo chest binder which offers

you the high compression that you need thus such short binders are preferred during warm weather conditions.

  • Color

When it comes to styling, Underworks works hard to ensure that FTM and trans men have

the luxury of choosing the color that best fits their binding desires.

For instance, Underworks provides the colors white, black, and nude skin tones for variability.

Hence, if you are wearing a black outfit, going for the black Underworks binder will complement

your black-outfit style as nude-toned-colored binders will work well

with white shirts and are light-colored compared to white-colored binders.

  • Sizes

sizes of underpantsKnowing your binder size is a good way to find a binder that fits comfortably.

Underworks creates binders that come in a range of sizes to cater to the

vast chest size differences for FTM and transmen demographics.

The sizes for most Underworks binders range from extra small (XS) Small (s) medium (s) Large (L),

extra-large (XL), Extra Extra large (XXL), and Extra, Extra, Extra Large (XXXL).

Tips for measuring and finding the perfect fit

The following tips will help you find the perfect binder that fits you comfortably.

Taking your chest measurement

Step 1:

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks While standing in an upright position use your tape measure to measure your chest by placing the

tape around the most protruded part of the breast tissue which is mostly the nipple area. Measure your chest area size.

As you do this, ensure that the tape measurement is intact which is that it is not too firm nor is it too loose.

when measuring your breast size, keep the measuring tape in a horizontal position to avoid any inaccurate measurements.

Another tip is do not assume that your regular bra, top, or sports apparel is the same size as your chest binder size.

Step 2:

Note down this measurement and repeat the process to counter-check the measurement.

Tip: Never measure your chest area while wearing a bra or any type of binding

clothing as this will most likely lead to inaccurate measurement.

Step 3:

Place the tape measure around your chest just under the breast and measure.

One tip is to ensure that the measuring tape rests in a horizontal position by counter-checking

the tape that rests on the back of the body as this is the area that may be too loose or too fit.

Step 4:

Take the first measurement, add and divide by two, this is your chest size.


Measuring your shoulders

Step 1:

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Place the end of the tape on the outermost part of one of your shoulders

and move it across your body to the furthest end of your other shoulder.

One tip here is not to reduce your chest measurement (downsizing) by hunching up, being tensed,

or wrapping the tape around your shoulder as this will lead to a small binder that may even cause damage to your body.

Step 2:

Note down the measurement as your shoulder size

The good thing is that Underworks comes with its binder size charts to help you get the perfect fit.

How to Use an Underworks Binder Safely.

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Proper techniques for putting on and removing binders.

To get the most from Underworks Binders, it is important to ensure

safety when putting on or removing your binders.

To put on your binder;

Step 1:

Turn your binder inside out and upside down

Step 2:

Step into the binder instead of wearing it the way you would wear your regular shirt,

especially for long binders, and stick your feet inside the straps. Pull up the binder

Step 3:

 A Guide for FTM and Trans Men Using Underworks Pull the binder towards your upper torso or chest and stick your arms into the holes.

Many others prefer to have light clothing or baby powder on the skin

before wearing the binder for a more comfortable experience

Safety Tips for putting on your binder

Binding Duration

Do not bind for more than 8 hours in 24 hours and the more breaks and

time away from binding the better your binding experience.

Binding for more than 8 years without breaks risks you with skin irritation,

pain and discomfort, and breathing issues.

To remove your binder;

Step 1:

Grab the bottom of your binder and fold it upwards to create two overlapping pieces.

One tip is to add loose baby powder underneath your chest binder to make removal easy.

Step 2:

Shuffle the folded binder up high as you can off your chest area while keeping it folded

tightly focusing on untucking the binder parts on your back that may be crumpled by now.

Step 3:

Grab the bottom parts of your binder now resting in your chest area and pull it as high as

you can from your back (akin to removing your shirt) grab it over your shoulders and head and pull it all out.

Step 4: Take a few minutes to rest hoping that was easy.

One tip is to remove your binder before hopping into bed as a way to give your body ample resting time.

Also, remove your binder before exercising as it can hinder your movement and breathing.


Whether you are just starting your transition or whether you are a pro,

masculinizing your chest as a transman or FTM will come handy in your gender expression.

Fortunately, Underworks provides various binding options that border on sizes, style, affordability, and quality.

Because binders will bestow in you confidence and alleviate your gender euphoria you need

a binder that is easy to put on and easy to remove all while putting your safety considerations in place such

as Underworks faithfully serving its purpose. We are curious to know about your binding experience.

Share your hacks, insights, and experiences in chest binding and give Underworks a chance

to integrate and improve chest binding activities for a more fulfilled trans community.

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