Finding my Fit: What Size Packer Should I Choose?

Finding my Fit: What Size Packer Should I Choose?

Choosing the right packer for you might be an enjoyable journey. However, finding the right size for you may be a little bit hectic.

But not to worry, packing is a personal choice. Part of this personal choice entails navigating the challenges of choosing the right packer for beginners.

Determining which packer size fits you will depend on which bulge size you like.

The idea of having a humongous penis may seem tempting; however, the best fit does not lie in size alone.

If your agenda is to blend with the masses, a larger packer will do the counter.

It will make you the center of attention (which is not an entirely bad thing) until it is.

However, the bulge rating system created by Trans Guy is used to help users understand which bulge size fits them.

It follows a system of size categories that takes into consideration the user’s height, weight, and body size.


Packer Size



Why a Bulge Rating System


Why a bulge rating? Anyone will ask.

Over the years, as the needs of Transgender and non-binary individuals continue to grow, companies have taken into consideration to ensure that packers manufactured and sold are not only beneficial but are also comfort-attuned.

For the longest time, most packers that have been sold were made with shaft length as a parameter.

However, this was the traditional model used to create packers.


Transguy Supply Bulge Rating


While the shaft length is an integral element in creating a packer, creators have become cognizant that ball size is also a crucial element that determines how big a packer manifests on the outside.

The average ball size is 4-5 cm long, 3 cm high, and 2.5 cm wide.

This varies depending on the age and the sexual development stage of a man.

Hence, integrating ball sizes when making a packer is becoming a common phenomenon for companies invested in making packers for transgender and non-binary individuals.


Development of the Rating System


As a result of these disparities in shaft and ball sizes for the general population, a standard rating system emanating from feedback, criticism, information, interviews, and polling from hundreds of users has been documented by Transguy.

We would like to highlight that the protocols used in creating this bulge rating system rely on data gathered from users on a standard level and not an absolute metric as outlined by Transguy.

Because at the end of it all, packing boils down to a personal choice, and an individual who is 4’ 12”, weighing 100 lbs. and feels more in tune with a bulge rating of 4 should know that they are not alone.

They are allowed to take the extra-large if they feel capable and have a sense of belonging with it.

Whatever preference that the rating system provides is simply an insight to understand the packing journey.

And once again, as a casual reminder, penises are like eyebrows; no two are alike!

Do not expect your bulge to be akin to the next bulge you see down the street.


Development of the Rating System


To get a better grasp on how ball size impacts the packer size, compare the Limpy Packer sizes. A good example is the small Mr. Limpy Packer.

When studying the shaft length alone, the performance packer makes it come off a little bigger.

However, upon a close inspection, you realize that the balls on the performance packer are small.

As a result, the bulge that comes with the Performance Packer is usually smaller compared to the small.

And typically, most would choose to go with the ‘smaller’ category of the Limpy packer.

This discovery goes to show that the bulge rating system that includes the shaft length and the ball size greatly determines what packer size an individual should opt for.


Development of the Rating System


The Bulge Rating System Explained


The Bulge rating system, as pioneered by the Transguy survey on packer sizes, is outlined below.


The Bulge Rating System Explained



These data are drawn from customer survey feedback.

The correlation between shaft length and height, weight, or body size is a random occurrence in cis men.

Short people can have larger shafts. As a result, packing is personal and should be done from a space of comfort and preference.


● Small


This is often associated with individuals who stand less than 5 ft and weigh 100lbs. Pre-adolescents mostly use them.

This packer is usually intended to mimic a bulge that is not visible to the outside world unless made obvious through tight clothing.




● Conservative


For short and lean people, a conservative bulge works well.

It is conservative in the sense that it shows only during specific movements and interactions.

Even so, one should always focus on what feels right to their bodies.

Even so, it is a common observation that if a prosthetic is either too large or too minute, one cannot enjoy their new bulge.

A common suggestion is that one tries rolling up socks at different lengths to get a grasp of what bulge size would fit them.




● The Moderate


The moderate bulge is the highly preferred bulge considered the standard.

Most people would opt for the moderate bulge because it provides a bulge that is visible as per one’s height and weight.

The moderate bulge will help an individual fit into the larger crowd without having the perception of being too big or too small.


The Moderate


· The well-endowed bulge


The well-endowed bulge is for tall individuals standing at 6 feet and weighing over 200 lbs.

And while it is important to note that the relationship between height, weight, and penis size is not the standard, is worth noting that comfort is the most sought out feeling while using packs.

As a result, big-bodied people, taller people, or those weighing heavy may opt for more visible bulges.


The well-endowed bulge


● Extra-large


The bulge created here looks like a softball. But even for big-bodied guys, this bulge is highly conspicuous.

However, guys who are thinking of having a phalloplasty are advised to pack extra-large as it will compensate for the future enhancement.

The extra-large bulge may also be uncomfortable for others due to the space that they take.




Packer Comparisons


The packer size comparisons range in terms of size: The Archer 2”, Performance packer, small Mr. Limpy, Packer Gear 4 Silicone, #Transpacker, Packer gear TR4”, Packer Gear  5” Silicone, Archer 5.25”, Packer gear TPR 5”, Large Mr. Limpy,  Mr. Right.

You can check out the different packer sizes at Transguy Supply:


Packer Comparisons


We understand that the balls can have more impact on the bulge than the shaft length for a packer in use.

For instance, the extra-large for the Limpy Packer can often create a similar-looking bulge when the Limpy Small is used.

Even so, data shows that people overestimate their bulge sizes. But Transguy is here, so you do not have to.

The bulge rating system uses shaft length average testicle size to create a bulge comparison.

These preferred categories include a range of sizes that range from small to extra-large, as aforementioned.


Packer Comparisons


The science behind packing


The science behind packing uses a few scientific principles to provide the best bulge for everyone.

Packing uses volume instead of weight. What this means is that the space that the packer occupies is equivalent to the density of the packer.

The material and the density of the material often determine a packer’s weight.


The science behind packing


However, the bulge size is often determined by how much space the packer takes up, which is not the equivalent of the weight of the packer.

Also, this bulge system focuses on the testicular size and the shaft length when it is erect and non-erect.

All these mathematical inclusions, accompanied by a survey done by Transguy on the same, are the reason packers continue to evolve in the best way possible.




Choose Packer Size


There are vast packers to help Transgender and non-binary individuals.

Most people want a natural-looking bulge that is comfortable compared to something huge. That is why Transguy is here to fulfill that need.

From the smallest to the extra largest packer, it will be easier to find the perfect fit.

Transguy has invested in surveying and sampling the preference needs of transgender and non-binary individuals and comparing it to the standard bulge.

It is important to note that every individual has different needs going down in their penis department.

While Limpy small will work for one, another individual might find it a tad bit uncomfortable.

Again, one of the benefits is that, as Trans individuals, you get to choose!

And when it comes to size, just like clothing, sometimes finding what makes you feel comfortable is what will make you express yourself in the healthiest way possible.

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