How to Wear a Packer: A Transguy Guide

How to Wear a Packer: A Transguy Guide


How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide


As you go through your transition journey, expressing your gender will be a significant move for you. And what a fascinating way to express your identity as a Transguy than having a natural bulge through a packer. Packers come in soft, hard, and dual-purposed models, all designed to give you a realistic and comfortable bulge for you to express your manhood.


Always remember that packing is a personal choice, and how, when, and why you choose to pack should be entirely up to you.



What is a Packer 

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

A packer is any object or material created to bulge in transguy and FTM individuals. Transguys can suffer the gut-wrenching feeling of not being big enough or having the phallus look in their pants. Thus, an FTM packer is a bulge-inducing object or material that helps transguys feel like they own a phallus, adding the confidence boost by aligning you to your gender identity.


Why do you need packers?

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide 

Transguys wear FTM packers as the remedy to help them be part of a camp of belonging in the heterosexual space. However, transguys wear FTM packers for the following reasons;


To alleviate gender dysphoria


For a transguy with gender dysphoria, a packer can be integral in helping you deal with gender dysphoria as you will feel you are in the right body. The intact, realistic bulge you attain from wearing an FTM packer makes you feel confident in your body.


For Safety Purposes

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

A transguy who lives in a transphobic environment will want to pack for safety reasons. While not everyone goes around policing and checking people’s crotch to check if they have a penis, however, having an FTM packer is a safe way to announce your manhood through a bulge. Packing in areas such as the gym can be an excellent way to blend in with the rest of the population. 




If heterosexual men feel heightened confidence when they have a giant phallus, then by no exception, transguys also deserve the feeling of confidence that packers bestow on them. Packers make you feel more comfortable in your body, giving you the confidence to walk taller at the workplace, with friends, or with your lover.


As an Arousal element


To have confidence in your bulge after packing relays a feeling of being turned on to the user, at least mentally. The sensational feeling of a bulge between your legs may give you an itchy feeling, which many guys report as feeling aroused. Whenever you feel aroused when packing, just relax, knowing it is a naturally good feeling, and your packer is simply playing best friend to you.


How to choose the suitable packer

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

Choose an FTM packer as a transguy based on size, material, and color. Comfort and functionality are the inner metrics to choosing the right FTM packer for transguys.


Size and shape


There is a wide range of FTM packer sizes from transguys. However, the color-coded Bulge Rating System by Transguy Supply should be a guiding step. This system offers packer sizes starting from small to extra-large. The bulge rating system is an essential shape-metric design because while most packers are made solely from shaft length, the bulge rating system offers ball sizes, which help users understand how the packer will look when packed.




This is the smallest size, mostly meant for adolescents. It’s for people who are under 100 lbs and under five feet.




The conservative size is for transguys who are short and slim. It is also meant for moderate people. There, a moderate size is recommended for transguys 5’4”-6′. It works well with the average population.




The well-endowed packer size goes for transguys over 6′ and weighs over 200 lbs.  It is worth noting that trans guy height and weight have little to do with the shaft size.



How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

The extra-large packer size is meant for anyone who wants a big bulge and attention drawn to it. It creates a packer the size of a softball and is consequently meant for anyone, regardless of height or weight.


  • Material


It is advisable to choose packers made from silicone since they last longer, are easy to clean, and give the feeling of a natural phallus. However, they can be more expensive. Banabuddy packers are softer and have more human skin texture; however, maintaining them takes a lot of effort.


  • Color


Always opt for packers that match your skin color for a more realistic appearance.  Limpy’s pink packer is a universally accepted color, however, colors such as pink, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and coffee are available.




Whether you want a packer that is for packing alone or for penetration, the choice is yours. Packers with a urethral hole are important during bathroom visits.


The types of FTM packers

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

There are vast FTM packer options ranging from DIY to packers with multipurpose uses. The common FTM packers include;


Soft Packers


Soft FTM packers are designed to have the feel and look of a penis. They are made of spongy materials like an elastomer giving them a hanging appearance, more like a packed penis. You can wear a soft FTM packer by placing it in your underwear or boxer briefs and using a pin or safety pin to hinge it. Safety will help secure the packer in place without accidents like slipping out of your pants.


Stand-to-Pee (STP) Packers

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

As the name suggests, the stand-to-pee packer is a type of packer that the user can create a bulge but still stand and pee while using. In this sense, it is designed like a funnel directing urine to the packer’s top. These are owned mainly by transmen who want to use the men’s bathroom. As such, they are a common alternative for those without a bottom surgery.




The 3-in-1 (Pack, Play, Pee)


Often complex by design, the three-in-one packer is a multidimensional packer that is used for packing all while offering use in the bedroom and for peeing, making it a three-in-one packer, as the name suggests. The three-in-one packer has a tube that acts as a sex apparatus that is also used for penetration as it mimics an erect penis.


Where to buy FTM Packers

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

You can get your packer at stores such as Banabuddy. Banabuddy is an online store that deals with high-quality FTM prosthetics. Banabuddy takes pride in being a revolutionary FTM brand dealing with authenticity, inclusivity, and empowerment when it comes to FTM products including packers.


Roanyer is an online cross-dressing store that offers quality trans products, including packers of your choosing.


Packer and pack underwear

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

There are myriads of FTM packing underwear that work well for you if you desire to go the simple route from complex packers. These include boxer briefs, STP boxer briefs, and jocker mail.


a)Boxer briefs


For instance, Cake Bandit Boxer Briefs have an internal pocket that holds the packer in place, making you confident in your movement. They are made from cotton and spandex and come in small, medium, and large sizes. Other boxer briefs include Cake Bandits, which are flat-front boxer briefs that do not have a packing pouch.


b)STP boxer briefs


How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy GuideSTP boxer briefs such as Cake Bandit STP Packing Trunks have a breathable and soft feel made from cotton. They can be worn with a smooth or STP packer without needing to be secured with a pin or strap. It is a three-layered brief with the outside layer having a buttoned space to help one remove the STP when the urge to pee sets in. The middle layer allows space for the shaft, while the inner layer acts as a passageway for putting your STP. The inner layer also allows the shaft to be put in its place.



c)Jockmail packing briefs


The jockmail packing briefs are a special type of brief with an inner pouch that allows you to run, jump, and flip while snugging your packer against your body. It has a cotton layer that prevents the packer from sticking to your body.

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide 

How to position your packer


You can position your packer using the following;


A harness

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

A harness is an effective way of positioning your packer securely. A harness with elastic bands can make your packer look tight and secure. Always go for quality defined for different packers for a more comfortable and satisfying packing experience.



Underwear for packing


Underwear for packing is crucial for positioning your packer as it allows you to pack as you go about your daily activities. This underwear that come in the form of boxers or briefs will make you feel comfortable and safe, especially if you are starting your packing journey.


Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive


This adhesive attaches the packer to your body. There is no need to wear anything else to keep the packer in place.


DIY Packer methods

How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

When it comes to packing, your choices are unlimited. Here are the steps for making your own packer;


Step 1: Select three nylon stockings, tape, and scissors. Fold one stocking into another to create a form shaft.


Step 2: Mold the stocking into a penile shape towards the end of the stocking. Shape the stocking leaving space for the “head”. Tie the shaft with tape to add girth. Continue shaping the phallus adding firmness if you yearn for a short FTM packer.


Step 3: Use the last stocking to make packer balls. Here, roll one stocking from its knee end towards the end to form a packer ball, for smaller balls use less stocking material.


Step 4: Insert balls into the testicles and position them next to the packer shaft. Leave enough room between the shaft and balls for bending and packing.


Step 5: Trim excess stocking material and tuck the scrotum ends into the shaft leaving a 2-3 inch space. Leave no tail end



How to Wear a Packer - A Transguy Guide

As a transguy, nothing or no one should come between you, and you feel confident in your identity and below the belt. Consequently, FTM packers should be the go-to solutions to help alleviate your gender dysphoria, boost your confidence, and feel safe in general as a transguy. The bulge that an FTM packer in the form of boxers, briefs, soft packers, and three-in-one packers offers to transguys cannot be downplayed. From STP packers to simple DIY packers, you have many options. Remember to go for the correct packer size, color, and material for your comfort. Remember, packing is a personal choice that only you can choose from.

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