How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

FTM individuals may sometimes feel as though their faces are not masculine enough. The masculine face, characterized by facial hair, angular noses, jawline, cheeks, and chin, are physical features that FTM individuals can crave during transitioning. Thus, facial hair stimulating techniques and facial contouring can give a glimmer of hope in helping FTM individuals achieve the masculine face and hair that they desire.


How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery


It is always important to experiment with non-surgical ways of facial masculinization as each person’s face is different. For FTM individuals who yearn to masculinize their faces, non-surgical techniques will modify facial features while also paying keen attention to the proportions, balance, and symmetry of your masculine face goals making them priority options.



Facial hair growth


How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without SurgeryAs a transitioning FTM individual grappling with desire to have a muscular face, facial hair that is present on the cheeks, chin, and upper lips can go a long way in giving you a masculine appearance. If you have patchy facial hair or that which is uneven as some FTM individuals, you may feel baby-faced which may interfere with how you perceive yourself. Facial hair growth such as mustache and goatee goes a long way in helping you achieve a masculine facial appearance as an FTM individual in the facial masculinization process.

It is important to use the grooming and styling techniques that the general male population uses to enhance their masculinity and improve their masculine appearance as an FTM individual. Grooming and styling will help you focus on the miniature details that FTM individuals looking forward to having facial hair may overlook, but if you look closely, have the capacity to enhance hair stimulation and appearance making a big difference in your appearance overall.


Contouring and Makeup

How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

The makeup and cosmetic industry cuts across all genders, and FTM individuals are by no exception to reap the benefits of what it has in store for them if they want to masculinize their facial features. You can use makeup and the consequential contouring skill to masculinize your face to your desired look and appearance.


Adam’s Apple


The Adam’s apple is one of the most common features that can help masculinize your face as an FTM individual. You can always look up a picture of a cisgender male online with a prominent Adam’s apple for reference.


  1. How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without SurgeryFirst, begin by applying a dark foundation or powder towards the center of your throat.


  1. Draw a little v shape with your powder subtly, careful not to make it too dark. As you blend in the foundation, focus on accentuating your esophagus.


  1. Continue blending in the v shape using quality makeup brushes and powder to blend as you strive to now form a U shape.


  1. You can also add a shiny highlighter at the core of your contoured Adam’s apple to give it a defined shape.


This way, you will have masculinized your face and achieve that Adam’s apple you’ve been yearning for.



How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

We all know that the male cheekbone is often shapely, with a strong jaw and cheek. Consequently, using makeup to create a chiseled illusion by using cream and powder will go a long way in masculinizing your face compared to if you did not.


  1. Start by using the men’s contouring palette, such as the MMUK MAN 3-well cream contouring palette, to highlight your cheekbones.


  1. Next, press your finger into your cheek and draw a line down your jaw.


  1. Use this line to contour your jaw creating the illusion of a high cheekbone.


  1. You can always add a bronzer to highlight the now-higher jawline.


  1. Keep the blending localized until the cheek looks more muscular to your liking.



How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

Contouring your chin will take you a notch higher in appearing masculine. Always apply your contour on the core of your chin while creating a vertical line to create a furrow in the chin. You can draw a U-faced contour on the top to create a defined chin. Add a horizontal contour using your contour sponge if you yearn for a wide chin.




How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without SurgeryTo apply a masculine contour as an FTM indicates your desire to rid yourself of a soft or round jaw often associated with femininity. For instance, you can achieve a square look by contouring the bottom of the jaw to give it a fuller look. It is advisable to contour up to your temple if you want to bolster a masculine look to your jawline so the bulking effect is seamless with the lower face. A masculine jawline characterized by an angular and sharp jawline will leave you oozing facial masculinity like that you have never seen before.



How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

A thin eyebrow and rounder forehead characterize the feminine forehead, while the masculine is square, darker, thicker, and straighter. You can use a foundation and tinted moisturizer to bake your forehead to create an even coverage. You can then contour your forehead using a masculine contour to give your forehead a muscular look. This, coupled with your facial hair, will provide you with a masculinized appearance, making you confident in your face and body in general. You can use an eyebrow of a lighter shade to create the illusion of facial hair on your forehead.



How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

Lip enhancement through contouring will give you masculine symmetry on both your upper and lower lip, making it more defined and muscular. The masculine mouth is characterized by external facial hair that extends to form a beard or mustache. You can contour the upper section of your lips with darker shades to give the illusion of facial hair. You can also contour the lips to give an illusion of a darker shade around the mouth area.



How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

Masculine noses that FTM individuals may desire often come in angular and larger forms. After contouring your brows, it is important to follow straight lines along the edges of your nose to make your nose appear wider and more masculine. You can use a blending powder to blend the rest of the makeup until you achieve your desired level of definition on your nose. You can finish off with a highlighter to make your contoured nose look natural in its dimensions.


Other Methods to Masculinize Your Face as a FTM Individual


There are several other ways for FTM individuals to bolster their hair growth as a form of facial masculinization. They include:


Masculinization Hormone Therapy

How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

Also referred to as gender-affirming hormone therapy, FTM individuals who want to stimulate hair facial growth can use a hormone-altering alternative to achieve their desired facial hair. MHT therapy works by stimulating secondary sexual characteristics, such as the growth of beards, as a way to align the individual to their identity. It is always important to practice patience as you are in your facial masculinization phase, as both genetic and environmental factors play a crucial role in winning the beard game.


Try Beard Oils for more facial hair

How to Achieve Facial Masculinization without Surgery

Over the years, the market has become laden with oils that assert an increase in blood flow while fostering the natural edgy shine of your facial hair. While some of these claims lack a scientific underpinning, it still takes effort to have the benefit of the doubt and try beard oils since they have low risk and may even give you your desired results. Oils such as peppermint and tree oil are some hair stimulating products that act as powerhouses for beard growth. Even so, you can never be too careful and check out reviews and testimonials from users just so you are safe as you try to get facial hair as an FTM individual using beard oil for facial masculinization.


Natural supplements for facial hair Growth

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Along your journey to masculinize your face with hair, you will stumble among natural supplements that offer the hope of facial hair growth. Some will laud their ability to give you full beard growth, while some will not do much. And since supplements sometimes are poorly regulated in the big wide market, it takes the courage of trial and error to ensure that your needs with facial hair are met. A commonly sought natural supplement is collagen, which is often powdered or comes in the form of a capsule.


Experiment with beard styles

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While grooming and styling may not directly stimulate beard growth, it showcases the benefit of going the extra mile to attune yourself to working with the little available hair that you have. For instance, you can start by styling your goatee through a small mustache. You can also brush hair on your lower cheeks to create classic stubble. In this aspect, experimentation is the key as you will finally understand how grooming can make you feel masculine in the face, further bolstering your confidence.


Clipping, trimming, moisturizing, and combing out your hair as part of your daily routine will play an integral role in making your facial hair the best it can be. Beard brushing, for instance, will help your facial hair attain a desired length through direct blood stimulation. Imagine your facial hair as the money plant that needs continuous pruning and cutting back to ensure it is neat.


Wrap up 

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As an FTM individual, you may want to masculinize your face with facial hair and features as a way to gender-affirm your identity and the options are rife at your disposal, especially if you are looking for non-surgical ways of getting facial hair. Always bear in mind that you can always go right with having a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon if you want to go the surgical route in masculinizing your face. However, if you want to achieve natural facial hair, try hormone therapy, natural supplements, styling and grooming of your facial hair, and use beard oils. To enhance your facial features, do not downplay the power of makeup and contouring on your face as a whole as it will perform the enviable role of making you as wholesomely masculine as you could possibly crave.


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