FTM Products: A Review of Top Binders and Packers.

FTM Products: A Review of Top Binders and Packers.




FTM individuals undergo some unique struggles that the use of FTM products, such as binders and packers, can alleviate. Coming designed in varying patterns, designs, colors, and functionality, each of these products is carefully curated to ensure that your gender needs are accompanied by comfort and an accurate fit. This article offers in-depth insights on packers and binders and how each is strategically curated to make you feel comfortable in your body. Each product has its merits and demerits, which is evident in the design features that make it a suitable binder or packer for FTM individuals.



Introduction to FTM Products

As FTM individuals, you are aware that you need ‘extra’ products to ensure that you show up at your truest identity and self for a more positive living experience. And with that, you might love how packers and binders have come with promising results in gender-affirming your needs.

● Binders




Check any FTM’s wardrobe, and you are sure to find all the glorious binding tools to help flatten the chest and give a masculinized chest appearance. Binders have earned a fair share of praise in the FTM community because these products help alleviate the gender dysphoria that you tend to feel as FTM, although you would like to have a flat chest and reign in the masculine frame. Binders thus are pieces of clothing that FTM people wear under their clothes to flatten the breasts and are often made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials for more comfort.

● Packers




Being an FTM, you will love the feeling of having a bulge in your groin region to give you the feeling of a penis before your gender surgeries. Consequently, packers have proven to be the undoubtedly best friend which allows you to pack your pants for that bulge.

Packers come in varying designs, with others meant to create the bulge, while others help you to pee while standing, and others offer the option of an erection.

Review of Top Binders

Binders are some of the FTM essentials serving as gender-affirming tools. Here are the top binder picks that will certainly serve your binding needs for precision.

● The Tri Top Chest Binder

The Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder comes in the color beige and the size extra-large. What is so alluring about this binder, is its comfortable fit and the way it matches the body.

Key features.

  1. Tri top chest binder are made of Nylon and Spandex.
  2. Gynecomastia chest flattening features.
  3. Three layers of medical-grade fabric for a more powerful compression.


Tri top chest binder



  1. It is hidden in underclothing as the neckline is cut so low enough not to let your shirts peep through while also having a flat stitched design on the shoulders for added comfort.
  2. Made from quality materials.
  3. Comes in varied sizes to cater to all FTM.
  4. Vast color ranges including white, beige and black.

● Short Chest Binder Front Zip

This is a binder that comes with less coverage but with more binding properties.

  1. Made from cotton lining for optimum comfort and breathability.
  2. An added layer of compression fabric made from cotton for a super soft feel.
  3. Made from medical grade fabric, 70% nylon and 30% spandex, which helps with consistent shaping.


short chest binder



  1. Pliant and elastic composite material forconsistent shape and flattened design make it comfortable for daily wear.
  2. Comes in the colors black, gray, and white
  3. It also comes in different sizes XS up to size 4XL


  1. There are no custom-made options

● The Long Tank Binder Hook & Eye Closure

The cotton line power chest binder compression Tank offers a binding experience that comes wrapped with comfort and accurate fit.


  1. Made from 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex outer layer with a 100% cotton
  2. Design: relaxed cuts in the arm and shoulder area through adjustable hook and eye closures
  3. Sizes: extra small (28-31) to extra, extra, extra-large (52-55)





  1. The fabric protects from leaks, has strong elasticity, and is breathable.
  2. 8 color ranges
  3. The size range ensures that every FTM individual can have a taste of the cotton lines power chest binder compression tank.
  4. The material used in making this binder, which is Nylon and Spandex, ensures maximum durability and service for FTM individuals.


  1. It is more expensive compared to basic binders in the FTM collection product market.

● The Gc2b Binder

The Gc2b is among the top picks in the binder category owing to its;


  1. Fabric type which is medical grade nylon and Spandex
  2. Half binder and shapeshifter category
  3. Different colors such as white, beige, and black.


Gc2b binder



  1. Has one of the strongest compressions for more confidence in chest flatness owing to the medical-grade fabric layers
  2. It is affordable Ranges from $32–45
  3. Comes in vast sizes ranging from extra small (28-30) to extra, extra extra large (3x 49-52)
  4. It is soft and efficient in chest compression


  1. It only comes in the color nude.

Review of Top Packers

As FTM packers are among some of the essentials that not only gender-affirm your needs but also ensure that your outfit comes out styled while also giving you room to use the men’s bathroom and play in the bedroom.

The top picks include;

· Soft packers

An example of a soft packer that is adored is the A example is the FTM Super Realistic Banabuddy Packer which is made from silicone and it’s a perfect choice for your inner packing desires.


Soft packers


Features of Soft Packers

  1. They come with a super soft silicon material.
  2. A cutting-edge dual-layer design.
  3. Movable testicles redhead balls for easy movement.


  1. The balls are colored to ensure that they do not lose their natural ball-color with due-use.
  2. Detailed contouring for a natural-looking penis such as shriveled parts of ball skin.
  3. Comes in 8 color options ranging from dark to light in varying shades.


  1. It only comes in the medium-sized packer that is not too visible in the pants


· Hard Packers (pack and play prosthetics)

With the vast nature of packers, hard packers come in handy with the option of packing for a natural-looking bulge while also offering sexual play options. Consequently, a good example is the Banabuddy 5”7 Pack and Play which come with the following features.


hard Packers



  1. The material used is soft, flexible silicon that allows for comfort and daily use.
  2. Erection-designed, the internal or inflatable rod is useful in mimicking and maintaining an erection responsible for sexual function.
  3. Others come custom-made with a special harness or underwear to help secure the packer to reduce feelings of slipping or discomfort.
  4. Depending on consumer needs, it can be cut or with the foreskin intact.


  1. No need to switch devices. It comes with the twin features of packing and erection, which leads to ease of transition.
  2. Come with the option of sexual use owing to the penetration features that allow firmness.
  3. Realistic penile feel and it has veins, realistic texture and natural feel.
  4. The silicone material is durable and safe for use for sexual penetration. Also, the silicon material helps with ease of cleaning aside from the realistic look and feel.


  1. The erection can sometimes be unnatural in clothing.

· STPs (Stand-to-Pee)

A good example of the STP packer is the STP2 FTM Stand to Pee Packer Banana Prosthetic, which comes in the primary colors of natural and dark.





  1. Internal funnel to direct urination while standing.
  2. A flexible cup to stick to one’s groin to allow pee flow to the packer tip.
  3. The STP packer underwear comes with a contoured front panel, which offers maximum support for a bulge.
  4. Elastic waistband for a snugger fit while packing


  1. It comes in the form of STP packer underwear, which keeps the packer intact
  2. Provides comfort and security while peeing while standing
  3. Breathable fabrics for absorption of pee leakage or menstrual flow


· 3-in-1 Packers (Pack, play, pee)

These types of packers give you multifunctionality, such as packing, playing, and peeing.  These are packers that come designed with an inner tube that extends to the outside of the packer to help with urination and penetration alongside coming with packing properties.


3 in 1 packer



  1. Material: it is made from hypoallergenic and silicone material, which gives it a natural-looking penile look.
  2. The Cyberskin TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) also adds to the life-like fee.


  1. You can pack with the intention of having sex later.
  2. Comes with a realistic-looking bulge.
  3. It is easy to clean and maintain.


  1. Requires thorough hygiene practices.
  2. Can transmit STDs if not properly used and stored.
  3. There are less expensive options of 3 in 1 compared to other soft packers
  4. Vast size ranges from small to extra-large.


  1. Easily denatured by high temperature and sunlight.
  2. You have to practice in the shower for urination purposes to avoid accidents and spillages in public.





The typical FTM wardrobe should include essentials such as the binder and the packers for a gender-affirming experience. Binders help masculinize the chest, which helps alleviate gender dysphoria. The good news is that there are also binder varieties to fit your varying FTM needs, and they come in vast sizes, so no one can miss what works for them.

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