New Year, New Gifts Thoughtful Ideas for FTM Individuals in 2024

New Year, New Gifts Thoughtful Ideas for FTM Individuals in 2024

As the New Year approaches, gift-giving can be a thoughtful way to connect, bond and share a sense of belonging and a fresh start with your Transgender community. Gift-giving your FTM friends or family with something inclusive that helps them gender-affirm, alleviate gender dysphoria, or makes them feel connected with a dose of memory goes a long way in making them feel remembered.

Art supplies, clothing and accessories, helping them purchase self-care products, inclusive books and educational material, digital gadgets and subscription boxes are among the many thoughtful gift ideas that you can give your loved ones in 2024.

Knowing what your loved one wants counts the most as a gifter. As a result, a much keener focus on gift specifications and preferences will go a long way in making the gifting process memorable.

New Year New Gifts Thoughtful Ideas

Clothing and Accessories

You can opt to get your loved ones’ gender-affirming clothing options that are FTM–designed. A New Year’s Gift, such as a binder, will be a great gift to consider for your loved one. Gifting your loved one a packer, if they are fond of some, is another great way to start the year.

You can buy for your loved ones Trans apparel such as a Trans and Thrive Hoodie that relays the company message of inclusivity as seen with Transguy Supply.

FTM–designed clothing options

You can accessorize your gift with inclusive jewelry pieces to match your gift outfit. To match the outfit, you can wear inclusive accessories such as ties and cufflinks, scarves, and hats.

Gifting your friend, a pronoun pin if they are fond of sending a clear message on how others should refer to them is a gift they will love. Gender-neutral jewelry such as chain bracelets and signet rings will help your loved one.

Helping to Realize Male Appearance Products

Helping your loved one’s experiment and explore male appearance products, such as an energizing cleanser, is a great way to know which male fragrances they prefer. Helping your loved one understand the cosmetic space as they transition is a priceless gift. For instance, if your loved one wants a packer aid to alleviate bottom dysphoria while also making their bathroom experience more comfortable, you can offer to research for/and with them the available options.

chest binders

There are myriads of choices to choose from, starting from a prosthetic that is versatile in use. You can help your loved one try out chest binders to find their best fit by taking them to the nearest gay shopping outlet. With the plethora of male products in the market, helping your FTM loved one realize the male appearance products that help them with their identity is an unforgettable gift in 2023

Self-Care and Grooming Products

Nothing makes a transition worthwhile like a self-care and grooming process. During transitioning, your loved one will experience changes to their skin due to increased testosterone levels and skin increases while adding more oil- a break out waiting to happen.

As the New Year unfolds, gifting your loved one’s self-care and grooming products such as a male body lotion, moisturizers, a water bottle, combs, nail clippers, and sunscreen is a thoughtful way to show your loved one you care about how they would want to look or smell.

self-care and grooming products

Grooming products such as shaving cream with a badass razor, is an endearing way to make your loved one feel gender-affirmed even if they do not possess facial hair. Sprinkle in special gift subscription boxes for self-care and wellness, such as Thera box that come with 8 full-size items including but not limited to therapeutic art, journals, and affirmation games that your loved one will need in their transitioning journey.

Books and Educational Materials

One special element about gift giving is the ability to make someone think beyond the moment. A gift that brings long-term engagement, such as books and educational material, will make your loved one feel the moment of exchange as the year unfolds.

You can get fictional or non-fictional literature for your loved one that helps them learn and explore Trans identity experiences that others go through or those they can anticipate, making them ahead of the curve.

Booking for your loved ones’ books, podcasts, or events focusing on fitness and wellness is a heartfelt way to show them that you are thoughtful of them this year. Paying your loved one a gym membership tailored for FTM who may have had a major surgery procedure is a gift most people will appreciate.

If you can gift your loved one home workout equipment such as a Tummy Spring if they are always geared toward cutting back that belly fat. If you want to go the extra mile, a treadmill, a peloton Bike, or a dumbbell can make your loved one feel cared for as the New Year begins.

home workout equipment

You can recommend wellness and meditation apps such as Happify, which offers free content on reducing anxiety. Books and educational materials as gifts for your FTM loved ones will be pivotal in helping them navigate their transition challenges.

Technology and Gadgets

In 2024, gifting your loved one a simple tech accessory such as a phone case with the progressive pride flag or a more advanced option such as a smartwatch business can go a long way in letting your loved one know you care about the digital aspect of their lives.

In 2024, your FTM friend who does content and blogging may benefit from your camera gift if you think of a special way to surprise them. Remember their specifications to avoid communication mishaps if you decide to gift your loved one a tech gift. You can gift your loved one an Anker PowerCore Slim power bank if you know they constantly deal with a dead phone battery.

Technology and Gadgets

Art and Expression

You can get your loved one art supplies such as dolls and puppets, ink pads, and glazes to help with their creativity. Many transgender individuals assert that creative expression, such as painting, drawing, and journaling, including but not limited to singing, helped them feel free, thus helping them feel more represented.

Gifting your best pal pencils, brushes, paint, paper and a palette if they love painting is a way to remind your friend that you value their creative output, which is just the energy anyone needs as the new year unfolds.

Art and Expression

The good thing about gift-giving is that you can forget about the price tag as the gesture counts. You can get your loved one customized artwork such as their name on a mug you know they would love. Gifting your loved one art and expression necessities will help them feel represented as they explore life in motions of creativity as a FTM individual.

Subscription Services

If your loved one has an insatiable love for streaming RuPaul’s Drag Race WERQ THE WORLD, then gifting them a Netflix gift card will make them enjoy the New Year. Offering to pay for their subscription services with inclusive content is a way to show them that they stay on top of the rapidly growing library of Queer content.

Subscription Services

A special way to usher your loved one into the year is through subscription boxes meant to cater to their interests, whether in the kitchen or artistry. For instance, your loved one will need educational feedback on their nutritional needs and hormone levels related to their FTM diet. At the start of the year, you can gift them the Planning + Stationery Box from Cloth & Paper to help them organize and plan their dietary choices.


How can I choose gender-affirming clothing without knowing specific preferences?

Most gender-affirming clothing will come with specifications about size, shape and material. However, it is never bad to ask your loved one what their clothes and clothing specifications help them gender affirm more comfortably.

gender-affirming clothing without knowing specific preferences

Are there specific skincare products suitable for FTM individuals?

While skin care has its basics that focus on cleansing and moisturizing for everyone, there is a growing trend for skin care products specifically designed for FTM individuals. For instance, Hormone therapies and gender-affirming procedures have been associated with skin change.

As such, ZO TE-pads are one of the commonly used anti-break-out cleansers for Transgender individuals. Always contact your health professional before trying a new skincare product.

specific skincare products suitable for FTM individuals

What books are recommended for understanding transgender experiences?

There are myriads of authors who have paved the way for transgender individuals to understand their transgender experiences. Notable authors such as Torrey Peters, in their book Detransition, Baby, share her bold narrative of being a transgender person in the 21st century. She is the first trans woman to appear in the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

books recommended for understanding transgender experiences

Can you suggest fitness equipment for at-home workouts?

Talking to your healthcare provider or fitness coach about the equipment to use before you start an at-home workout is always recommended. Further, the workouts you need will depend on your bodily needs. However, you can begin with basic workout routines that don’t involve equipment for a start, such as body squats.

fitness equipment for at-home workouts

Are there inclusive subscription boxes designed for FTM individuals?

While the existence of subscription boxes designed specifically to cater to FTM individuals is a novel twist, Diverse Xpress can help FTM individuals’ access and get books, apparel and important necessities such as binders.

subscription boxes designed for FTM individuals


New Year, New Gifts Thoughtful Ideas for FTM Individuals in 2024

Gift-giving your way into your loved one’s 2024 is a surefire way to let them know you are inclusive with them in their journey.

From gender-affirming clothing to the latest tech gadgets, your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtful gesture as the New Year unfolds. Also, inclusive educational or entertainment subscriptions will remind your loved one that there is someone who cares about their mental requirements. And a tale always as old as sunset and new as dawn is gifting self-care and grooming products to your FTM loved ones.

Share some of the best gifts you have ever shared with your loved ones, or anticipate sharing them with them as 2024 unfolds.


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