A Comprehensive Guide to FTM Dressing and Styling Techniques

A Comprehensive Guide to FTM Dressing and Styling Techniques

An updated masculine wardrobe is a significant step forward in your FTM dressing transformation.

When you wear masculine clothes, you feel better about yourself.

It may ease dysphoria issues since you will feel more comfortable in your body.

Easier said than done, I know. Luckily, you found this guide, your new BFF during your transformation into the confident, happy person you were meant to be.



FTM Dressing-Building a Masculine Wardrobe


Building a masculine wardrobe helps you express your gender freely and without reservation.

Learn how to create that wardrobe below.


FTM Dressing-Clothing Essentials


Grab the following essentials as you begin to build a masculine wardrobe -and don’t forget your underwear!


FTM Dressing-Clothing Essentials


FTM Dressing-Shirts


  • Button-Up Shirts: A staple clothing item in the community, button-ups exude masculinity. They’re versatile and stylish and hide your chest well.


  • T-Shirts: Unisex t-shirts aren’t the best at hiding your chest (we’ll discuss solutions below,) but are easy to wear and come in every color and design under the sun. Choose V-neck designs to elongate the neck and broaden the appearance of your shoulders.


  • Athletic Shirts: Men wear compression or athletic shirts to show off their bodies.  The snug-fitting shirts create the illusion of pecs around the arms and work well at hiding chest bulges.


FTM Dressing-Shirts


FTM Dressing-Pants


  • Jeans: Slim-leg and straight-fit jeans compress the hips and thighs, giving a more masculine appearance. They also make the legs appear longer.


  • Chinos: The timeless look of Chinos can instantly take you from casual to business. The pants pair well with most tops and accessories.


  • Cargo Pants: The bulky style of cargo pants-and the endless pockets- hide curves and with endless styles, there’s a pair designed for every event.


FTM Dressing-Pants


FTM Dressing-Jackets


  • Denim: Denim jackets are the perfect accessory for layering. The jackets keep the chill from the wind off your arms and accentuate any outfit.


  • Hoodies: Graphic or plain, hoodies are the year-round ‘jacket’ everyone wears.


  • Blazers: A well-fitting, neutral-colored blazer accentuates your shoulders and gives you a nice masculine silhouette.


FTM Dressing-Jackets


FTM Dressing-Shoes


  • Sneakers: Sneakers are comfortable and versatile enough for everyday wear. Best of all, sneakers don’t impact how your hips, chest, or other areas of your body look.


  • Loafers: A good pair of loafers takes your style up a notch. They slip on and off so they’re easy to wear and with clean lines and structured shape, loafers give a more masculine appearance than other types of shoes.


FTM Dressing-Shoes


FTM Dressing-Tips for Choosing the Right Size and Fits


Don’t hide your body with loose or baggy clothing. It’s a common technique trans guys use to hide their bodies.

It has the opposite effect and may draw attention to the wrong areas.

Finding clothes that fit a FTM body is not simple. The tips below may ease the frustration of finding clothes that fit you right.


FTM Dressing-Tips for Choosing the Right Size and Fits-1


  • Try on clothes before purchase.  Different brands may fit differently, even in the same size. If you try on clothes first, you know exactly how you look wearing them!


  • A size is just a number on a tag. Focus on the fit more than size to get a more flattering fit.


  • Take your measurements. Men measure their leg length and waist to find their pant size. Women measure their hip size.  Measure your leg length and waist size to find your pant size. Men’s pants start in size 26.


FTM Dressing-Tips for Choosing the Right Size and Fits-2


  • Hide chest bulges by wearing two shirts at once. For example, pairing a polo-style shirt with a t-shirt underneath can dramatically decrease chest bulges



FTM Dressing-The Versatility of Neutral Colors and Classic Patterns


Some guys like bright, bold colors.  Some like darker colors.

Make sure your closet is filled with clothes in different colors so you’re ready to dress no matter where life takes you.

Neutral colors play the BFF role in an FTM.

Neutral-colored clothing hides all your undesirable body parts, boosting your confidence.

Plus, the colors are easy to mix and match, so you never worry about what to wear.


FTM Dressing-The Versatility of Neutral Colors and Classic Patterns


Neutral colors like taupe, beige, black, and gray also hide bulges, hips, and thighs well.

Hiding those undesirable areas of the body can help you feel more comfortable as an FTM.

Although patterns can draw the eyes away from bulges and curves, not every patterned design works.

Avoid asymmetrical patterns and choose irregular patterns that distract the eyes from any possible chest bulges.


Stripes create straight lines against the body.

Since men’s bodies are straight, stripes refocus a person’s eyes from the chest area.

Diagonal stripes work well, although horizontal lines are your enemy.


FTM Dressing-Chest Binding Techniques


Chest binding techniques aim to create a masculine silhouette by flattening the chest.


Overview of Chest Binding


Chest binding is a fairly simple concept.

Using chest binding flattens your chest so your breasts do not protrude before top surgery.

Several chest binding techniques work to flatten the chest, although some are better than others.


Chest binding is safe when done correctly, although you can hurt yourself if you don’t follow the rules!


Overview of Chest Binding


Safe Binding Practices and Recommendations


Safety should always be your top concern when chest binding.

Without taking proper precautions, you risk damaging your chest muscles or experiencing side effects like back pain, heat rash, shortness of breath, or chafing.


Talk to a healthcare professional if you experience serious health problems like those listed above.


Safe Binding Practices and Recommendations


Use the following tips to reduce the potential health risks accompanying chest binding.


  • Remove your binder if you become short of breath or experience pain


  • Never sleep in a chest binder


  • Never wear two binders at once


  • Do not exercise while wearing a binder


  • Wear binders no more than eight hours at a time. Rest periods reduce the risks of pain and other side effects.


  • Take two days of rest for every five days you wear a chest binder. Layering during rest periods can help minimize bulges.


  • Avoid potentially dangerous binding materials like duct tape and Ace bandages. These materials compress the chest tissue and may damage your muscles.


  • Listen to your body. It will never lie to you.


Popular Binding Methods and Products


We recommend using one or more chest binding methods from the following list.  The safe methods are highly effective at flattening your chest.


  • Muscle Suits: Male muscle suits (don’t forget to complete the look with a face mask) build a muscular physique in an instant. The suits look realistic, further adding comfort to your transition.


  • Sports Bras:  A high-quality, tight-fitting sports bra works well to conceal small chests. Wearing two sports bras at the same time helps conceal larger busts.


Popular Binding Methods and Products-1


  • Layering: A simple binding technique many people use is layering. Layering two sports bras as recommended above or two shirts on top of one another is a safe and effective chest binding technique. It works well when you need extra flattening after using a binder.


  • Compression Shirts: Many trans guys use compression shirts layered underneath another shirt as their chest binder. Athletic and compression shirts block sweat to keep you dry, are easy to put on, and flatten chest bulges well.


  • Professional Binders: Professional binders specifically designed to compress and flatten your chest are the safest option.  Constructed from materials that compress your chest without restricting your organs, professional binders are designed to create a more masculine appearance using a comfortable, breathable material. Several styles of binders, like the pullover style or the hook-and-eye closure style, make choosing the right one easy.


Popular Binding Methods and Products-2


FTM Dressing-Haircut and Grooming Tips


Creating a masculine look takes more than cutting your hair short. You need to find a style that looks and feels good on you.


Choosing a Masculine Hairstyle


Men wear their hair in different lengths and styles from short to long so you have options here.

What matters most is that your hairstyle aligns with your personality and appeals to you.

Consider your face shape and length, ear size, and jaw shape as you browse photographs of guy cuts to find something that catches your eye.

As a person AFAB, your face is likely softer and rounder than other guys.

Many hairstyles accentuate those features, like buzz-cuts and similar close-cut shaves.


Choosing a Masculine Hairstyle


Choose hairstyles that instead accentuate your jawline and cheekbones to look and feel more masculine.

Buzz cuts probably aren’t the best hairstyle for trans guys.

Close-cut shaves work well on guys with strong jawlines and angles on their faces, although on your face, it can make your face appear rounder and softer.

Spiky hair, think punk rocker style, works well for trans guys.

Making your hair fluffy on top or adding side parts hides hairlines, creates a stronger jawline, and looks uber-cool.

Hair grows back. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles that you like.

You might be surprised by the styles and cuts that look best on you.


Facial Hair Grooming


Facial hair defines a masculine look for a trans guy. Don’t wait until you start testosterone to shave for the first time.

Shaving now rids the peach fuzz off your face, and eases the process of growing thick and full facial hair.


Always prepare your face for shaving before you begin.

Cleanse and moisturize your face every day and exfoliate regularly.


Don’t dry shave or lather your face with soap.

You need a good razor, shave cream, and aftershave to protect your face from irritation.


Facial Hair Grooming


FTM Dressing-Accessories for Enhancement


Accessories allow you to express your masculinity boldly. Choose from accessories like those outlined below.




Belts hold your look together, literally.

A nice belt sends a bold statement about your outfit.

Choose wider leather belts for a more masculine look.






Men typically wear watches on their left arm, although this is your preference.

Watches with larger bands and faces look more masculine than pieces with smaller bands and faces.

Dive watches give the masculine ambiance guys like.




Pick from several masculine-looking hat styles, like bucket hats, cowboy hats, beanies, and baseball hats.

Avoid sun visors, sun hats, and berets since they look more feminine than other styles.






Bracelets add a minimalistic style to any outfit.

Pair them with a casual or business/dress style.

Wear earrings in one or both ears.

Styles range from diamonds to studs to dangling earrings.

Choose a simple chain style if you wear a necklace.




FTM Dressing-Footwear for Every Occasion


Shoes are an important part of your identity. Luckily, you can find great shoes for every personality.


Recommended Footwear


We all like certain styles of shoes more than others.

The good news is that you can choose almost any style of shoe from the men’s department that catches your eye.

It all comes down to what appeals to your eye and feels comfortable on your feet.


Shoes for men typically run 1-1.5 times larger than shoes for women.

If you wear a size 8 women’s shoe, buy a 6.5-7 in men’s sizes.


Recommended Footwear


Quality matters more than quantity.

Every pair of shoes you own should offer good support and foundation because without them, your feet will pay a painful price -and you’ll buy shoes more often.


Shoe insoles and thick socks are a trans guy’s BFF.

Use insoles or thick socks if you’re between shoe sizes, or if you buy bigger shoes because you want your feet to appear larger, use them to make up the difference.

If you decide to go larger, do not buy shoes more than one size bigger than you wear.


Tips for Finding Comfortable and Stylish Shoes


It’s not always easy to find stylish and comfortable shoes, especially for a trans man.

Use the following tips to easily find stylish, comfortable shoes you want on your feet.


Tips for Finding Comfortable and Stylish Shoes


  • Look for inspiration from fashion influencers on sites like Instagram, and from magazines and websites dedicated to trans and gender-neutral individuals


  • Knowing your shoe size is extremely helpful when shoe shopping. Many shoe stores offer free shoe sizing as a courtesy to customers.


  • Certain brands of shows may look better on your feet than others. Experiment with brands and shoe styles to find those uniquely you.


The Impact of Footwear on Overall Appearance


Footwear is the final touch of an outfit. Wherever you go, people will look at the shoes on your feet.

When building your masculine wardrobe, your shoes can change the way other people perceive you.


FTM Dressing-Personalizing Your Style


Nothing is more important than creating a unique style that’s all your own.

Attempting to dress like your favorite singer or the trans guy you met at the supermarket will only harbor your journey.

Be yourself, choose clothing in styles you like, and don’t be afraid to express yourself, no matter how it looks to the outside world.

Encouragement to Experiment and Find a Personal Style.


One day, your fashion style will be comparable to that of Tom Ford.

You’ll rock every piece you wear with confidence that soars to the moon and back.

We offer the following tips until confidence finds its way to you.


FTM Dressing-Personalizing Your Style


  • Accessories like necklaces, earrings, rings, or even muscle suits recreate an outfit. Add a few accessories any time you want to change up your style.


  • Explore patterns and designs you may not be crazy about as well as styles that catch your eye.


  • Don’t be afraid to explore male muscle suits and masks as you pursue your transformation.


Balancing Trends with Timeless Pieces


Trendy pieces never stick around long, although wearing them when they’re popular is a great way to highlight your adaptability in the fashion world.

We recommend investing the most money in timeless pieces instead.


Matching a few trendy pieces with your timeless clothing makes creating a unique look easy.

Most importantly, it’s cost-effective since you can continue wearing your timeless pieces long after the trends have passed.


Exploring trends coupled with timeless pieces provides a great opportunity to broaden your cultural horizons and increase your self-confidence. It’s a win!


Balancing Trends with Timeless Pieces


FTM Dressing-Online Communities and Resources


Online communities provide confidence-boosting support as you venture toward a new, masculine you.

Making a few new friends could even be part of your journey as you venture into these communities.


Highlighting Supportive Online Communities for Fashion Inspiration


Ask Andy About Clothes is a forum where you can find support, informative blogs, fashion photos, and lots of fun.

The site conforms to men new to the fashion world, and you can get involved with the many trans-friendly discussions.

Reddit is one of the best communities for trans individuals.

You can ask questions, get advice, meet new people, and more at the Male Fashion Advice Forum.


Highlighting Supportive Online Communities for Fashion Inspiration


TransFashion is a Facebook Group of around 2k people offering support, friendship, and fashion advice to one another.


Platforms Offering Advice, Tutorials, And Shared Experiences


FTM Magazine features inspiring stories, trending and timeless fashions, photos, and more.

Check out the magazine or one of their awesome social media communities to learn more.


A trans guy named Chase created and operates the YouTube channel, Uppercase CHASE1.

He currently has 160k some-odd subscribers.

He covers a range of trans-related topics in his videos, including fashion.


Platforms Offering Advice, Tutorials, And Shared Experiences


FTM Dressing Fashion FAQs


How can I make my clothing choices more affirming?


For the trans community, clothing is as much about fashion as affirming identity.

The clothing you pick should reflect your personality and showcase who you truly are to the world.

Adding accessories like packers is a good way to make your clothing more affirming and create the confidence you can happily unleash to the world.


How can I make my clothing choices more affirming?


Are there specific brands catering to FTM fashion?


Over the years, many well-known brands, like Abercrombie & Fitch and H&M, have transitioned their clothing lines to include fashions designed for every body type.

Many new and exciting brands have come along to offer the trans community fashions made especially for them.

Check out For Them, Karrin Fitch, Wildfang, and Dapper Boi for hot fashions for trans guys.


Are there specific brands catering to FTM fashion?


What are some budget-friendly options for building a masculine wardrobe?


Ballin’ on a budget? Relax, because we understand.

We have a few super easy ideas to reduce your wardrobe expenses without sacrificing your style.

We can’t get enough of the awesome finds and super low prices at thrift stores and consignment shops, nor do we shy away from online discounters like eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, and the like.

We admit snatching deals off the clearance rack is our newest favorite hobby! Join us in the savings.

Consider DIY clothing if you’re handy with a needle and thread.


What are some budget-friendly options for building a masculine wardrobe?


Can I still explore different styles while maintaining a masculine presentation?


Clothing gives you freedom to express yourself and your identity.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to discovering or utilizing fashion.

Be creative as you transition, carefully working contrasting colors and patterns together or playing around with accessories.

Remember, what matters is that you feel good in your clothes.


Can I still explore different styles while maintaining a masculine presentation?


How do I handle fashion challenges in professional settings?


The thought of dressing as FTM at work may cause your palms to sweat or could be a change you warmly embrace.

If you are comfortable enough to adapt your style, go ahead and show your authentic self to coworkers.

If your clothing choices adhere to company policies, your decision to dress FTM in the workplace can be a positive moment in your transformation journey.


How do I handle fashion challenges in professional settings?


FTM Dressing Conclusion


FTM Dressing Conclusion


We hope the information presented in this guide opens a world of self-discovery as you transition from FTM.

Expressing and representing yourself as FTM becomes easier as you adapt the strategies outlined here and understand the clothing and styles best for you.

We hope this guide inspires you to be the person you were always meant to be.

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