Top 8 Recommended Trans-Friendly Hotels to Stay At

Top 8 Recommended Trans-Friendly Hotels to Stay At

For some, nothing feels beautifully orchestrated like the feeling of white sheets in hotels or flower-patterned decors that come with the experience of being in a resort.

And for transgender individuals, if it is in your desire to explore trans-friendly hotels to vacate and have a good time, then your map will offer some valuable insights.

Staying in a hotel that makes you feel like a haven or that gives you a quality experience is a pricey feeling that you cannot miss.

That said, here are some of the trans-friendly hotels to book and stay at for a safe and fun-filled stay.



Hotels: Little Palm Island Resort and Spa


If you are looking for an unforgettable escape from the mundane of life, Little Palm Island Resort and Spa will give you a paradise-like vacation.

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa will ensure that your journey to the resort is packed with refreshing cocktails through their onshore reception and lounges.

Thoughtfully designed to give you a private vacation, the vibrant ocean view and authentically thatched roofs will make you feel as though you are on an island all to and by yourself.


As a Trans individual, you will often need to revive, rejuvenate, and nourish your inner-self, and consequently, Little Palm Island Resort and Spa comes with the SpaTerre, which is a spa experience that soothes the body while giving you the inner sanctuary of relaxation.

It is no wonder it won the World Best Awards 2023 for Travel and Leisure.


You will also enjoy getting into the scenery as Little Palm Island Resort and Spa ensures that there are no televisions or telephones in the guest or public areas.

To help you enjoy your surroundings better, their reinvented dining room comes with expert chefs to savor you with seafood, delicacies, spices, and other mouth-watering dishes worth every stay in this paradise.


Little Palm Island Resort and Spa


Hotels: Axel Hotel Barcelona


If you are looking for a trendy LGBTQ scene, look no further than Axel Hotel Barcelona.

Axel Hotel Barcelona comes wrapped with a warm and welcoming aura that is truly a haven for trans individuals.

The hotel, situated in the Example neighborhood, which has a 19th-century aesthetic, also possesses an urban spa that you can use to relax after a long day.

The sleek modern rooms that often come decorated with rainfall showers are something that you will love, especially if you are fond of suites with large terraces.

With white marble floors and a sophisticated patio accompanied by dark-hued chairs and a sofa, Trans vacationers will surely have the time of their lives in this hotel.

Sleek contemporary rooms offering a city view are what every trans individual needs.

With the three types of rooms, standard, larger Axel, and private, there is a lot to choose from.

For those of you who like to work out, tone out, or achieve the sculpt even when you are on vacation, Axel Hotel Barcelona has a fitness center that offers myriads of cardio and full-body exercises.


Axel Hotel Barcelona


Hotels: Bohemia Suites and Spa


If you are in Spain and your Trans-sixth sense tells you that you need a hotel to relax your body and mind, the Bohemia Suites and Spa will suffice as a recommendation on your map.

The hotel has a spa and gym oasis that will help refresh your spirit.


The rooms come furnished with high-speed internet, a modern 4K UHD platform, an espresso machine, and a welcome drink.

The rooms are either deluxe double rooms with a balcony to view the garden and ocean side.

The Bohemia Lodge is for two adults, and you can view the city from that while also having a fully equipped kitchen.

Lastly, the junior suite also offers a view of the Atlantic Ocean and a vast outdoor terrace comprising Maspalomas dunes.

The Sky Suite will offer you a three-occupancy protocol with the ultimate indulgence ranging from a wet bar to a stylish living area.


It also comes packaged with the Atelier Cocktail Bar, which is filled with sophisticated drinks; you also watch breathtaking scenery.

The hotel also comes with a free airport pick-up if you want to spare some of your money.


Bohemia Suites and Spa


Soho House Barcelona


Luxury in Spain will come for you in the form or style of an 18th-century English country house; the Soho House Barcelona, located in Duc de Meddinaceli Square.

Beginning in 1995, Soho House Barcelona offers tiny bedrooms that house king-sized or single beds that also come equipped with a free film library, television, and tropical shower.

The guest rooms are compacted and come with a great breakfast buffet, including pastries and salads.


The Cecconi restaurant serves some of the tastiest Italian cuisines, ranging from regions such as Miami, Berlin, and London.

It also comes equipped with a Kitchen House for local dishes while the Green Room will be waiting to serve you cocktails.


The hotel has a pool and splendid terrace area, giving you a view of the Gran Via and Eixample neighborhood on both sunny and warm nights.


Soho House Barcelona


Hotel Calipolis


Hotel Calipolis is situated on the gay Sitges beach and also at the center of the town area.

The location is a convenient merit for travelers who want to explore the contemporary designs of a modern hotel.

Hotel Calipolis will offer you a beautiful view of the quaint beaches while also bewildering you with its splendid promenade view and sea area.

A more celebrated neighboring beach is the Bassa Rodona, which adds a view from your window area.

And if you have a partner, the separate living room will allow you to enjoy a large and luxurious environment.


Each room comes packaged with a sea view and a balcony that faces the Mediterranean, making your stay in this hotel scenic and naturally glammed.

Other rooms have a mountain view, which is spacious and serene to give you a view of the neighboring mountains.

For instance, the Penthouse Suite, with its hydromassage bathtub, will make your stay even more special than anticipated.

An outdoor pool and fitness center make it one of the most booked luxury hotels by Transgender individuals.


Hotel Calipolis


Banyan Tree Phuket


If you are looking for a more exotic experience, consider booking a flight to the East, where you will find this hidden gem, the Banyan Tree Phuket.

The Banyan Tree Phuket in Thailand is convenient for transgender individuals who want to enjoy a private villa-like experience but with a touch of resort facilities.

An exciting feel to your skin will be the saltwater lagoon that surrounds the villa.


The Banyan pool villa will douse you in the luxurious experience of Thai-inspired décor and space layout to make you cozy and closer to nature.

You will have the choice between one or two bedrooms, all of which are decorated with Thai architecture.

Foods and drinks will be in places such as Banyan Tree, which comes with traditional Thai recipes, the in-villa dining area that covers an extensive menu, the saffron restaurant, which has some of Thai’s finest cuisines, the pool bar, and the Sanya Rak Dinner cruise for you and your partner.


Head out to Phuket, as even recently, the Ministry of Justice of Thailand announced plans to legalize gay rights for the LGBTQ community.

If this is not a sign to head to Banyan Tree Phucket with your partner, then the diverse collection of gay-friendly services and products is offered to you as a traveler.


Banyan Tree Phuket


MiM Sitges Boutique and Spa


If you are looking for a gay-friendly hotel with many rooms to have with your friends, then the MiM Sitges Boutique and Spa is for you.

Located a few meters from the Sitges beach, the hotel is known for its invigorating Boutique and Spa features dedicated to providing you with a sauna, steam bath, and sensation showers, including but not limited to a leisure pool to cater to your sensual side.

The senior suite will provide you with a junior suite that comes with a private bathroom and city.

The Suite will provide you with a double bed just like the twin room, with both offering soundproof features.


The restaurant area is designed to cater to your taste buds with various meals offered on-site.

An additional reason to visit this hotel is the 24-hour reception services, meaning you never have to worry about inquiries.


MiM Sitges Boutique and Spa


Zeavola Resort


If waking up to the glaring sight of islands is a desire for you, you should consider the Zeavola resort, which is one of the islands in Thailand.

The resort comes packed with popularly designed island spaces to dive, snorkel, and swim.

Known for the area’s undersea flowers, transgender individuals will love the beachfront rooms and the boutiques available to make you beautiful and leave you refreshed.

There are arrival amenities where you are given a key to something special on arrival.

To help you further escape to exotic seclusion, there is no need to worry about passport or international travel requirements


Zeavola Resort


Hotels Conclusion


Hotels Conclusion


Quality vacation experience extends not only to the exterior features of a hotel but to the staff and how they receive travelers.

 Transgender individuals deserve to rest and have downtime in arenas that make them feel safe and protected.

Consequently, looking for resorts and hotels that serve your primary and secondary desires is crucial.

The resorts aforementioned will provide you with quality vacation experiences with unimaginable views from your sleeping area, which is a beautiful way to wake up from night-life.

It is our pleasure that you engage with this post and share your vacation experiences around the globe, and if we missed anything, let us know!

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