Top 10 Best Places in Europe for Transgender Outing

Top 10 Best Places in Europe for Transgender Outing

In recent years, 22 countries have decriminalized laws that penalize transgender people for existing. And while this number might seem negligible, it helps to know that there are destination places in Europe that you can always visit and feel whole, welcomed and appreciated as queer and gay individuals.

With the rise in gender identity rights, we have created a guide that transgender individuals can use to have an innately magical and safe vacation in Europe.

From Mother’s natural gifts, such as ample sunshine and adorned beaches, to artificial creations, such as lounges, restaurants, parks, bars, and performances, here are the top ten places in Europe that are favorable for transgender outings.



Places-Berlin, Germany


How Berlin became a home for trans people can be attributed to scientist and researcher Magnus Hirschfeld.

Hirschfeld gave Transgender individuals a ‘home’ in Berlin when he first pioneered the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin, which admirably is the first institution to provide Trans people hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

As a result, it is safe to assume that Berlin is one of our first destinations for an outing for Trans people.

As Holden Madagame, an American opera sensation, would later retort, many transgender individuals go to Berlin because they know they will feel safe in Berlin.

Berlin brazenly boasts about being the capital for gay and lesbian couples because it houses the one and only gay Museum; the Schwules Museum, which proudly documents, exhibits, and explores the gay culture in Germany and across the globe.

Every Transgender individual should visit Berlin for a more nuanced and quality experience.


Berlin, Germany


Places-Manchester, England


In 1964, when Allan Horsfall and Colin Harvey founded the Homosexual Reform Act that would later birth the Sexual Offences Act, giving gay individuals over 21 the right to have sex in the private setting of their preference, England set the pace on how trans people should be treated.

You will love to go to outings in Manchester because of its tremendous efforts to improve the lives of Trans people living in Manchester through cultural heritage coupled with an innovative history and reputation as an inclusive city.

Other unique spaces, such as the Alan Turing Memorial which acts as a symbol of inclusivity for Trans people, will appeal to transgender individuals with educational park centers.

If that does not appeal to you, you can opt for the New Union Gay Pub or the Sackville Gardens, which offers travelers a serene outing while in Manchester.


Manchester, England


Places-Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands, pedestals this list of the best transgender places to visit when in Europe owing to its quick and hasty way of catering to the health of transgender individuals.

Amsterdam possesses a monthly pop-up Transgender clinic, which offers free treatment and consultation.

Amsterdam is a good place for your outing because their transgender healthcare facilities are reliable for any individual who needs healthcare amid travel.

You will also be pleased to herald Amsterdam as your outing place due to its social attitudes towards transgender individuals and culture.

Amsterdam Pride is an inviting favorite cultural event where you ride boats in the canal.

If you have more time to spend in Amsterdam, the Milkshake Queer festival will ensure that you have a magical experience in the country as a Transgender going with the flow.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Paris, France


While exploring the best places for Trans people to visit, Paris beautifully stands out because of its open acceptance of Trans culture.

Aside from its moniker as the city of love where Trans individuals can feel love in the air, Paris has gay locals that uphold rich historically and culturally themed events for the LGBTQ community.


Paris, France


In his 2021 Interview with Deputy Mayor Jean-Luc-Lumero-Michel, he asserted the ‘bioethics’ law would give Trans individuals the right to be part of medically assisted procreation, earning the city the enviable name “LGBTQ+ Freedom Zone.”

Recommend areas like the Marais district of Paris will help you to feel the Freedom Zone.

France also earns its enviable spot as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly zones, as stated by the ILGA Rainbow Europe study, as it was among the first countries to ban LGBTQ penalties in 1971.


Places-Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland, savagely makes it to the list as one of the best places we visit in Europe due to its openness to vast cultural inclusions for the queer community.

If you are in Dublin, you rarely miss the International Gay Theatre Festival, which is the most prominent LGBTQ cinema across the globe.

The Cinema itself does not complete the shelf of opportunities since you can always immerse yourself in the Trans heritage that Dublin fosters.

For instance, some of the most beautifully orchestrated drag performances, The George will leave you feeling amazingly prideful.

For those who love the LFGBTQ+ Film Festival, the Gaze, which is a film festival, will keep you hooked to Irish and International queer cinema where you can get fully immersed in LGBTQ films and Q&A workshops.

As an outdoor Trans lover, another recommendation is the Rainbow Swimmers, which offers swimming rides, or the Out2Tennis tennis team, which will help you follow through with tournaments around the city.


Dublin, Ireland


Mykonos, Greece


Whenever you may want to think of a destination that will give you ample sunlight while offering breathtaking views, notwithstanding Trans friendly policies and safe spaces, simply head to Mykonos, Greece.

The inclusivity is what you will love most about Greece owing to its LGBTQ-identifying folks who are welcoming and, coupling that, they never miss to mention the XLSIOR festival that fosters inclusivity and the coming together of community members.

The Elia and Super Paradise Beaches will be a prime spot to meet other Trans members for a quality experience on vacation.

If you are a nightlife, Porta and Lola bars will leave you feeling legal and heartily welcome, especially with their quirky decor and trendy environment.

For cocktails, while relaxed, the options are vast starting with the LGBTQ-friendly Elysium Hotel, which is highly recommended.


Mykonos, Greece


Places-Sitges and Barcelona, Spain


Just an hour’s drive apart, Sitges and Barcelona are some of the most sought-after island destinations for Trans individuals.

Bars are our go-to spots in Spain; consequently, the Gingin, a party bar often laden with ginger boys and refined drag queens, offers non-stop music videos and live shows, which is an excellent way to let our hair down on the weekends.

Sitges gets most of the spotlight primarily due to its hard-to-miss Mar Bella beach that allows optional mixing of bodies (nude beaching), although clothing is optional.

From muscle-buffed boys to a healthy mix of queer bodies ready to chat, cruise, and play music, Tran’s individuals should consider Barcelona an exciting opportunity to feel primal and accepted.

And to reiterate, Sitges and Barcelona are the places to go if you want to wind down an excellent lengthy weekend.


Sitges and Barcelona, Spain


Lisbon, Portugal


Owing to the vastness of LGBTQ+ destinations, Portugal often misses the mark of mentions.

However, it is prudent to revive the underlying current that Lisbon is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities on the map.

Its first gay club, Finalmente Club, pioneered in 1976, never fails to deliver some eye candy drag shows and performances.

For the luscious nightlife, you will not get enough of in Europe as Bar 106 will dutifully cater to your Trans-sensual senses through its cross-dressing shows and events.

For a country that stands tall as one of the global leaders supporting LGBTQ culture, Lisbon’s Principe Real is one neighborhood that never fails to melt visitors’ hearts with its vibrant gay scene and blend of natural scenery and urban charm.

Top-tier restaurants like Cascais and Arrois will forever imbibe you with endless queer-friendly cultural events.


Lisbon, Portugal


Places-Stockholm, Sweden


To give Trans individuals the luxury of being accepted and welcomed in Stockholm, Sweden, portrays this priceless gesture in honor and pride.

However, to provide Trans people with an unofficial ‘gay hotel’ is to prove that Stockholm is one of the cities we should never fail to have in our itinerary.

Stockholm’s enchanting destination-to-visit allure does not end with the Malarpaviljongen, a floating restaurant to dine and out you because you can always rest assured that other clubs will give you the freedom to enjoy a club for LGBTQ natives called the King Kong Sthlm.


Stockholm, Sweden


Copenhagen, Denmark


For a country that espouses liberal approaches to sex and sexuality, Denmark often has its honey jars open to its Transgender travelers with its friendliness and acceptance.

In 2021, Copenhagen topped the list of friendliest Trans-destinations to visit when it hosted the World Pride and EuroGames, simultaneously branding it as a must-see destination.


Copenhagen, Denmark


As a bucket list destination for those who love education, you have to mention Warehouse9 in Copenhagen which offers some educational shows concerning the politics of sexuality and gender identity through literature, art, and music.

The Copenhagen Pride Program adds to its inclusive allure since it allows gay individuals to be married in church and city halls.

And because Denmark has always been the bastion of passing laws that support equality, cafes, and bars offer everything to your taste buds ranging from chilled to cozy.






Europe deserves its flowers for offering various spots where you relax and let your guard down, knowing you are safe and allowed to have a community’s fun.

From Paris, known for its love-like aura, to Copenhagen, Europe, these destinations aforementioned will cater to your transgender tastes, desires, kinks, and primal desire to have fun as part of the Transgender community.

From the flashy restaurants to outdoor spaces that fine-tune you to meeting other Transgender individuals, you will be equally thankful that some countries are committed to ensuring that Transgender individuals are safe and enjoying their travel in Europe.

Engage with the post and share which destinations you have or are yet to visit that you find favorable for transgender individuals who love to travel.

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