FTM Haircuts: Your First Masculine Haircut Journey

FTM Haircuts: Your First Masculine Haircut Journey




The allure of a new haircut, be it chopping it off, slicing, longer tops, or shorter sides, is the reason why many attest to the magical effect-feeling after coming from the barbershop. And for FTM individuals, a haircut can be the latest update you need to tap into your masculine. FTM haircuts can help you unveil your masculinity, express yourself, and peel back layers of who you are giving you the self-reckoning you deserve to be manly.



Unveiling Your True Self through Haircuts

If there is one thing likely to make you feel like one of the boys as a FTM, it is the monthly ritual of haircuts.

Not to make everything a gender-affirming thing, but here at Banabudy, we believe that having FTM haircuts can be pivotal moments in unveiling your true self.

Haircuts can remind you that doing your hair how you want it can mean anything and everything – a ticket way to gender expression.

Having autonomy in your hair is one of the ways you can express your gender identity as you become the boss of your own body.

The Quest for a Masculine Identity

FTM-Haircuts_-Your-First-Masculine-Haircut-JourneyUnveiling your gender identity through haircuts is a direct way of rejoicing in having hair as a realm where you can experiment and support your FTM body autonomy. As Steven Kip, hair expert, and Queer-leader and Vice President of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), asserts, as more children are coming out and many others identify as nonbinary, hair is one of the channels to identity and one of the routes to express who they are.

Having an FTM haircut of your choice, be it a Mo Hawk or a pixie cut, will inspire you that it is all right to be anything other than what is programmed into you. You will go for the edginess of a masculine haircut such as an undercut will unleash your visually appealing side as a stylish, cool, and attractive FTM. Similarly, the Pompadour masculine haircut will give you a timeless aesthetic that screams masculine as seen with famous players such as David Beckham.

Tips for Navigating Your First Masculine Haircut  

As an FTM, depending on your transitioning journey, the haircut you choose will solely depend on your preference.

However, it does not hurt to know that factors such as your face shape and hair length will impact some of your FTM haircuts in your gender-affirming journey.

  • Face shape
  1. Round faces

Round facesIf you began medically transitioning, you might want hairstyles that accentuate your masculine features, such as a sharp jawline or square face, instead of those that highlight your softer features, such as a soft jawline. If you have a soft jawline, go for masculine haircuts that present hair volume at the top. Also, go for angular haircuts to slim your face.  FTM haircuts such as faux hawk, man bun, and Pompadour will turn out just fine for round faces.

       2. Square face

If you have a square face, go for shorter hairstyles, as this will highlight your facial angles, while long haircuts will soften the angles of your face. Try FTM haircuts such as Buzz cut crew cut and comb-over styles yourself. FTM haircuts will accentuate square faces giving a Square facemore masculine expression.

       3. Oval shape

If you have round but longer sides of your face, you have an oblong face shape, and consequently, you should opt for hair that does not elongate your face. Avoid short bangs if you seek a more masculine look. Such hairstyles include man bun, Caesar, and crew cut & fade can work as suitable FTM hairstyles.

        4. Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular face, you have a width-proportional forehead, cheekbone, and jawline.

As a result, avoid lengthening your face by adding hair such as pompadours. Instead, opt for FTM Oval shapehaircuts that will balance your angles and round them, such as bangs. Haircuts such as buzz cuts and fringe haircuts are common options for FTM individuals who want to ooze masculinity in their hair look.

  • Length

Do not rush to ease your dysphoria by simply cutting your hair, as you run the risk of getting a haircut you don’t like and having to wait for weeks to grow back your hair. Try going for longer haircut lengths, which will make it easier to chop or fix in case you do not like it. Experiment with your FTM haircut length until you find one that suits your face and overall look as an FTM individual.

What Haircut should I get for FTM?

Rectangular faceFor FTM individuals, it is important to be savvy with some of the haircuts that will flatter your face and give you that masculine presence.

  • The Pompadour

The Pompadour is an effective FTM haircut if you are looking forward to being masculine, especially in a professional setting. It is a simple haircut that does not need maintenance or products. Style it with pomade to avoid unnaturally hard and shiny hair. Add gel or spray to give it the life you need as a fresh cut. Envision artists such as Justin Timberlake if you are willing to try a pompadour FTM haircut.

  • FTM-Haircuts_-Your-First-Masculine-Haircut-JourneyThe Undercut

If you are thinking of an FTM haircut that will draw attention to your edges, head for the undercut and choose the length of the haircut that suits your fancy. You can leave more hair on the top and use products such as pomade to hold the shine in place if you crave a messier look.

The undercut is one of the best FTM haircuts as it works with both short and long hair- a versatility that comes in handy as a beginner FTM.

You have the option of adding a man bun undercut to give you a smooth FTM-Haircuts_-Your-First-Masculine-Haircut-Journeytransition in your haircut looks.

  • The High and Tight

As a beginner FTM, you may want a haircut that is easy to maintain but still oozes out your masculinity. Consider the high and tight FTM haircut, which goes up, adding more height. It is trimmed to give a more definite and angular hairline, especially for FTM individuals who want to reduce their facial softness. One advantage is that it does not require styling. Just hop into the shower and go.

  • Caesar Haircut

FTM-Haircuts_-Your-First-Masculine-Haircut-JourneyFTM haircuts such as Caesar will remind you of the historical significance of your hair as it relates to world leadership. Caesar’s haircut comes as a bold, versatile, and fashionable move that FTM individuals can tap into if they want to seem edgier. Incorporate the length to be 1-3 inches, and also try not to shy away from adding wavy effects that can boost your attractiveness. Since the dawn of the time of Caesar, try a Caesar haircut to remind yourself of your uniqueness and boldness as a queer.

What is a Hershey Haircut?

One FTM haircut to experiment with is the Hershey haircut, also called the wolf cut.

The Hershey haircut is a hybrid haircut from shag FTM-Haircuts_-Your-First-Masculine-Haircut-Journeyand mullet. The recognition element is the top hair being shorter than the ends, which are long. Another defining characteristic that makes it fit for FTM is that it is neither drastic nor avant-garde.  They add volume to your hair while making you effortlessly masculine-chic; notwithstanding you can wear them both for work and school.

What is an androgynous haircut?

FTM-Haircuts_-Your-First-Masculine-Haircut-JourneyThere is no better way to integrate both feminine and masculine elements in your hair as an FTM than by going for an androgynous haircut, also called a gender-neutral haircut. An androgynous haircut combines haircut techniques involving both masculine and feminine features to create a unique look. Androgynous has garnered attention in the modern space as a canvas for self–expression.

Examples of androgynous haircuts that will integrate for you an exquisite Yin and Yang in your hair include;

  • banabuddy female to maleCulry Icy Blue Two Block Cut

As an FTM, you can experiment by integrating the two-block haircut with some hues of blue and curls, giving you a striking appearance and platinum color. The back of your head will be shaved, extending to the sides, making it easy for you to maintain your hairstyle. The curly bits will highlight your feminine presence, as the block cut will exude masculine hair bits in you.

  • Coily Androgynous cropped-tapered Haircut

An FTM haircut that exudes androgyny can be traced to the coily and kinky texture with a mix of tapered cuts to give you both a banabuddy female to femalefeminine and masculine balance. This coily androgynous haircut comes with a tapered cut on the sides running all the way to the bottom, as the stylist ensures that your coils are lightweight with a voluminous bounce. A skilled stylist will put you on your best FTM haircut on this one.

  • Androgynous Pixie Cut

If you are looking for the perfect FTM haircut, take advantage of the built-in versatility that comes with a pixie cut.

Styled down with a top volume enough banabuddy female to maleto give room for styling, pixie cuts take the crown by creating the perfect mix of both feminine and masculine.

You can style the top by swaying it to the side or forward to create a fringe or comb it down to mimic a debonair.

Short and sassy, this FTM haircut is one you shouldn’t miss.

What is considered a butch haircut

A butch haircut is a short-haired (1/4-/4) style for a bold, masculine, and daring look.

Having its roots in the army, you will notice a butch haircut with short hair length on the head, making it a low-maintenance FTM haircut.

Other times, it can be accompanied by an undercut or fade to add a contrast and meticulous look.


FTM haircuts can be one of the few gender-affirming spices that peel back layers of identity, plunging you into the most authentic version of yourself that you desire physically. FTM haircuts will help you de-socialize gender norms, giving you room to unveil your masculine side for a more fulfilling life. All you have to do is explore your face shape, take a trip to the barbershop, and experiment with which FTM haircuts androgynous hairstyles tickle the fancy in you.

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