Practical Advice for Finding a Job as a FTM Person

Practical Advice for Finding a Job as a FTM Person

Looking for a job is a challenging situation for everybody; however, being a FTM person comes with more challenges.

Unfortunately, discrimination and bias are still present in organizations and workplaces.

Therefore, when approaching a job search, you should do it methodically, confidently, and by speaking up for yourself.

This article offers practical tips for effectively maneuvering through the job market, identifying a job that will support your career goals, and organizations and companies that will embrace and respect your transgender identity as an employee.



Choosing a Job You Like and That Suits You


In an employment search, you should note that there are specific industry sectors that fit your interests, skills, and values.

Therefore, finding a job in which you find some sense of satisfaction can go a long way in improving your happiness.

Besides, you may find some industries that are more progressive on transgender people, creating an improved workplace setting.


Before you settle for an industry you wish to work in, take stock of yourself in relation to your skills, interests, and future aspirations in order to pinpoint suitable industries for yourself.

Go around and find things out about the different jobs and sectors.

Remember that no fields are absolutely trans-inclusive; however, some sectors could have more inclusive laws to safeguard LGBT staff.


Choosing a Job You Like and That Suits You


Find a Job and Company That Are Trans-Inclusive


After identifying your target industries, look out for particular jobs and firms known for incorporating trans-inclusive policies and practices.

However, working in an inclusive environment requires further commitment and research.

Nevertheless, such a working environment is worth the extra effort, as it enhances your personal and professional development.


For instance, there has been a specific corporation referred to as Microsoft that offers trans-inclusive policies.

In 2019, Microsoft came up with an updated policy that makes it possible for transgender employees to have their hormone therapy covered and even get funding for gender reassignment surgery.

Transition-oriented counseling and guidance are also available in these facilities.

The company’s commitment to inclusive culture has seen Microsoft featured among the best places to work for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees.


An additional example is Salesforce, which is a cloud-based software enterprise.

Over the years, the sales force has consistently led in promoting diversity and even trans-inclusivity.

They provide health insurance with a transgender package and employee developmental programs on this topic.

LGBTQ+ employees have consistently recognized them as one of the best companies to work with because of their commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Find a Job and Company That Are Trans-Inclusive


Strategies to help you find trans-inclusive companies and job opportunities


You should look out for inclusive workplaces and employers because being transgender may involve some level of discrimination or judgment in any other kind of atmosphere.


Here are strategies to help you find trans-inclusive companies and job opportunities:


Utilize online resources


TLDEF website and HRC website also have guides and directories of inclusive and supportive business enterprises.

Such sources may be helpful in finding businesses and organizations that support transgender rights and equality.


Utilize online resources


Seek community recommendations


Involve the local transgender groups in the community or visit relevant online forums and social networking sites looking for references of trans-friendly offices.

In most instances, people who work in such companies offer meaningful opinions and guidance based on their personal experience.



Research company policies


Understandably, you should carefully investigate a company’s stance toward transgender inclusion before applying for a job at the firm.

Seek signs of inclusive procedures or anti-discrimination regulations directed towards people based on their gender identifications and expressions.


Research company policies


Network strategically


One of the best ways you can easily find a job is through networking; for example, attend networking events, industry-related seminars, and conferences.

Reach out to people who have a reputation for creating jobs for LGBTI people and fostering friendships that can result in employment at open-minded workplaces.


Network strategically

Outdoor Portrait Of Multi-Ethnic Crowd Smiling To Camera


Consult with transgender-specific career resources


Use unique resources for the search for jobs targeted at transgender people.

For instance, the National LGBTQ+ Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality offer invaluable assistance in the complete process of employment.


Consult with transgender-specific career resources


Modifying Your Profile


It would help if you changed your profile, indicating a trans experience, in search of trans-friendly job opportunities and companies.

Hence, it involves changing your document as per your resume, letter covers as well, and professional profiles.

This way, you will also provide your potential employers with a clear image of who you are in order to find a job that suits you well.

Present yourself genuinely to showcase your skills and demonstrate that you are transgender in order to land an office where you work well together with that experience.


Modifying Your Profile


Change Your Name Legally


If you underwent a legal name-changing process, all your documentation needs to be done in compliance with the exact name change.

Such include significant professional items like your resume, cover letter, and online profile.

To be convincing, present a consistent image of yourself as an authentic and self-assured person in your job search efforts.

It means ensuring all your professional materials, like business cards and email signatures, always have the same first and last names.

That way, people will know you take your identity seriously and want to leave positive impressions on others from all your interactions with them.

It also helps to avoid apparent confusion and misconstrued on the application stage.


Change Your Name Legally


Keep Your Social Platform Information and Profile Consistent


Today, in the era of digitalization, an employer can opt to study through social media profiles during the recruitment exercise.

It is essential to maintain consistency between your professional applications and your online presence.

Ensure that your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles correctly identify you by name, use your preferred pronouns, and highlight your accomplishments professionally.

Emphasize specific competencies and traits applicable to prospective employers without altering the integrity of your CV.


Keep Your Social Platform Information and Profile Consistent


Get Friends to Help You with Mock Interviews


Most individuals get nervous while preparing to attend a job interview, but for transgender people, it means additional worries about the questions regarding their gender or even prejudice.

Seek assistance from close neighbors and trusted friends to make a warm-up as you prepare for the interviews by conducting mock interviews.


Write down popular interview questions and learn how best to respond in an articulate, natural fashion that projects a suitable image.

Engage in role-playing and simulate various situations that might lead to bias or tough questions.

The procedure will assist you in enhancing resiliency, enhancing your communication skills, and articulating how you have encountered situations both within and without a work environment.


Get Friends to Help You with Mock Interviews


If discrimination occurs against you in an interview, face it and take legal action if necessary


Although there are laws protecting transgender people, discrimination can still happen during interviews.

In case you discover that people are discriminating against you or asking inappropriate questions that violate your rights, please act assertively while at the same time taking care of yourself emotionally and physically.


If discrimination occurs against you in an interview, face it and take legal action if necessary-1


Here, it is necessary to raise it directly in an interview.

If you think that you are okay with doing so, politely correct them about their conduct, saying they have abused the company’s employment laws and code of ethics.

Staying calm and confident while projecting a sense of professionalism is important when conveying your composure through your interactions with clients.


Following the interview, you may report the discriminatory occurrence exhaustively, specifying the date, time, place, persons engaged, and other vital elements.

A document outlining the discriminatory act is vital if you intend to use the law to fight for your rights.


If discrimination occurs against you in an interview, face it and take legal action if necessary-2


Contact national LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations, community legal aid clinics, and a civil rights lawyer who focuses on discrimination cases since they can advise you on where and how to seek redress, such as pursuing a complaint in the right governmental office or commencing a civil suit.

It is important to consult a rights lawyer who specializes in discrimination cases to guide you on where and how to seek redress, such as filing a complaint with the appropriate governmental office or initiating a civil lawsuit.


Prioritize Your Physical and Emotional Safety


As you look for a job and navigate through your career, you should ensure your health, both physically and emotionally, always remains a top priority.

Even as you strive to fight for your rights and make your working environment as per your personality, your security must always take precedence over such concerns.


In case of encountering an unfriendly or insecure environment for working, examine the situation and your actions well.

You may seek assistance in understanding your workplace rights and other available resources by accessing local LGBTQ+ support organizations.


Also, ensure that you engage in self-care activities so that you keep emotionally healthy.

These activities may include talking with your friends and family members, attending therapy programs, as well as practicing other enjoyable and relaxing exercises.

Taking care of yourself will fortify you and make you ready for anything that comes up while searching for a job and working.


Prioritize Your Physical and Emotional Safety


Finding a Job Conclusion 


Finding a Job Conclusion 


Therefore, being prepared for a job search in any field remains challenging for a transgender person; however, you need to stick to your goal and find the position that will let you be yourself without suffering rejection.

Choosing diverse, friendly industries, finding trans-friendly entities, customizing your professional profile, handling impersonation attacks, undergoing interview simulations, dealing with discrimination, and prioritizing your safety are some ways by which you can navigate through the job market.

Bear in mind that you deserve to be respected and treated equally, and advocate for one position that will appreciate your identity.

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