How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

Bottom surgery for FTM individuals entails the cosmetic reconstruction of the female genitalia to the male genitalia through surgical operations. Bottom surgery, for the most part, encompasses phalloplasty or metoidioplasty, which are performed by cosmetic surgeries that specialize in gender-affirming bottom surgery in this article, you will gain in-depth insights on bottom surgery and alternative costs to make the best choice in your gender-affirming journey.


Importance of Understanding Costs and Alternatives

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

Knowing the financial aspects of bottom surgery is integral in helping you understand when, why, how, where, and from whom you can get your bottom surgery.

● A place to start

Knowing the cost and alternatives for bottom surgery is an excellent way to start your gender-affirming process since you can start with affordable packers before heading for bottom surgeries, which may be costly. Knowing the financial requirements of your bottom surgery will keep you updated on which hospital to begin, especially as a beginner FTM.

● Procedures

There is no harm in knowing which procedures will accompany your bottom surgery and how much they cost. It will help you make the best choice for your gender identity.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Planning

Once you know the bottom surgery costs, you will have the window to plan your finances accordingly. You will be able to plan for which surgeries to have first or which hormone treatments to have first before heading all in for the surgery.

Types of FTM Bottom Surgery

A. Metoidioplasty

Metoidioplasty entails the process of using lower feminine groin tissues to construct a penis. First pioneered by Durfee and Rowland in 1973, the procedure stems from Greek phrases meaning ‘meta to mean toward and “opinion”– to mean the male reproductive parts. In metoidioplasty, the surgeon will use other accompanying surgeries such as hysterectomy, vaginectomy, or urethral lengthening to gender-affirm an FTM. There are three types of metoidioplasties all of which range between $19,000 – $42,000.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Simple Metoidioplasty

This is a simple reconstruction of the female clitoris to create a neophallus (a small penis). It is usually done before testosterone hormone treatment. The surgeon degloves the clitorial and cuts the clitorial ligament from the pubic bone. The remaining clitorial skin, labia minora, and labia majora are then used to create a penis. A vaginectomy can accompany it. It is a more sought-after procedure as it is safe with a complication rate of less than 5%, offers quick recovery and is affordable.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Ring Metoidioplasty

In Ring Metoidioplasty, the surgeon will extend the urethral plate to elongate the clitoris. However, unlike the simple metoidioplasty, the surgeon will make a ring flap from the vaginal tissue, the labia manora and labia majora, and the urethra and attach it to the clitoris, creating a neophallus. You can always get a vaginectomy later and a scrotoplasty later. It possesses the risk of urethral fistula and mechanical error, which may need revision, but you will have high sex satisfaction from your neophallus.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Belgrade Metoidioplasty

In Belgrade metoidioplasty, the surgeon will remove your vaginal tissue and use it to lengthen your clitoris. Part of this process entails adding testicular implants for the entire male genitalia. You will be given dihydrotestosterone cream, which you will apply twice or thrice a day to help elongate your clitoris. The clitorial ligaments are used to add to the clitoris’s curved position to provide adequate sexual pleasure.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

B. Phalloplasty

The word phallus has its origins in Greek which means penis. Phalloplasty, thus, is a plastic surgery operation in which the surgeon uses tissues from your forearm, thigh and back to create a neo-penis. In FTM phalloplasty, you will also undergo the following procedures: hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and vaginectomy as a way to have a functional penis.

Phalloplasty may take myriads of surgery going up to a year to be complete and goes for $63,432.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

Factors Influencing Surgery Costs

● Geographic location

Your geographic location will influence bottom surgery costs due to the availability of healthcare facilities, transgender laws, and gender identity clinics in the area. For instance, in Ontario, bottom Surgery goes for $ 20,000-$60,000 due to the nature of gender identity clinics in the area. Also, depending on location, some countries offer health insurance coverage for gender-affirming surgeries, such as in the US, which affects overall costs.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Surgeon’s experience and reputation

A surgery is a delicate process that requires medical prowess, attention, and knowledge. If going for a bottom surgery from experienced surgeons who have a good reputation and review, it is worth noting that one is likely to spend a lot more than for underqualified surgical personnel. These costs vary because depending on whether the surgeon can provide fertility preservation offers, use telemedicine to ensure that the bottom surgery is digitalized and hence successful, including but not limited to surgery revisions after bottom surgery, which means that the surgery costs will be slightly higher.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Hospital or surgical facility fees

Different hospitals and surgical clinics offer different prices for gender-affirming surgeries depending on the resources available, the specialty of the operation, and the level of expertise. For instance, the average price for a phalloplasty is about $63,432; however, if you go for a multi-episode procedure that combines both phalloplasty and vaginoplasty, it costs $53,645 and $133,911, which reduces your cost. The hospital facility fees also encompass procedures such as hormone therapy, aftercare fees, and policy forms that affect the overall surgery costs.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Pre-operative and post-operative care

As you prepare for your gender-affirming Surgery, it is worth noting that preoperative care, which includes hormone treatment, which can either be testosterone gel, patch or injection and facial masculinization, will differ in costs. Pre-operative costs will cater to checking for other medical conditions such as HIV and diabetes mellitus. Psychiatric, psychological considerations and physical examinations to check for gender anatomy without assumptions also contribute to overall surgery costs.

Future reproductive planning, such as egg preservation, will affect surgery costs too. Post-operative care, which includes costs related to surgical revisions, pain medications and management, and analgesic techniques, also affects surgery costs.

● Anesthesia costs

Timely, ethical, and effective pain management will also affect surgical costs for bottom surgery. You may want to head for bottom surgery with quality anesthesia practices, which will leave you intact before and after your bottom surgery. For instance, potent opioids such as morphine vary in price compared to epidural anesthesia for vaginoplasty. Hence, it is worth considering anesthesia costs for your bottom surgery.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Potential complications and additional surgeries

Surgery may be successful or have errors that may affect an individual differently, contributing to surgery costs. For instance, if you are heading for a phalloplasty with additional vaginectomy, your surgery price will be slightly higher compared to having a phalloplasty alone. Further potential complications are also included when evaluating surgery costs. For instance, cardiac risk, mechanical error with the surgery, bleeding, and surgery revisions all contribute to surgery costs for gender-affirming surgeries.

Non-Surgical Options

For some, non-surgical options for having a penis are also rife. FTM individuals who want to have a penis can opt for the use of packers used to create a bulge aesthetic for sexual intercourse or urination.

A) Use of Packers

Packers are products that FTM individuals place in their undergarments to give the appearance of a bulge, for sexual intimacy, or for peeing. They are meant to mimic the overall look or function of a penis. The smitizen packer comes with an upper suit penis of different colors that FTM individuals can use to gender-affirm their identity. Others, such as STP packers, are useful for urination for FTM individuals. Others, such as pack-and-play packers, are helpful in sexual penetration and for creating a penile bulge.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

B) Cost comparison between Surgery and non-surgical options

The invasive nature of the bottom surgery, the resources used, and the in-depth level of expertise that comes with gender-affirming surgery make them more costly compared to non-surgical options such as the use of packers. For instance, the most expensive packer which goes for $ 412, while the cheapest phalloplasty is $50,000.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

The difference in cost stems from;
● Service or product complexity as surgeries are generally more expert and detailed compared to packers which are manufactured.
● Pre and post services as surgeries require myriads of services such as pain medication, revision of surgery and pre-services such as physical examination. Packers have little operation techniques needed.
● Availability as getting gender-affirming clinics can be daunting depending on your geographic location compared to packers, which are available online or at your local sex stores for Transgenders.

C) Pros and cons of using packers versus undergoing Surgery

There are merits for using packers instead of heading for bottom surgeries for FTM individuals who want alternative choices.


● Affordability
Packers are more affordable for the average FTM individual. For instance, the cheapest packer can go as low as $1.00. On the other hand, depending on the bottom surgical combination, one can part with over $100,000 if they seek a phalloplasty or Metoidioplasty.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Non- invasive
Unlike surgeries, packers are non-invasive, meaning one does not have to cut the body to gender-affirm themselves. Cutting off the skin and invading the body with surgical tools is something some people are not fond of.

● Low risk of complication
The most you will receive from your packer is a feeling of discomfort if you wear it for too long. However, with gender-affirming surgeries such as phalloplasty, risks such as bleeding, pain, and mechanical errors can, at best, be deforming of the body and, at worst, like any other surgical procedure, life-threatening.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Room for Change in Decision
You can choose to use an FTM STP packer today and head for the smitizen packer tomorrow as a temporary gender-affirming process. You can stop using packers even if you decide you are no longer an FTM today. However, surgeries are permanent which is something you want to consider.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● No need for expertise
A packer mostly comes with an instruction manual from the brand manufacturer, which helps you to use it accurately when wearing or removing. This makes it easy to use. However, bottom surgery requires expertise in gender reconstruction surgery, which can mostly occur in gender-affirming clinics and specialty surgeons


● Impermanence causing gender dysphoria
Packers are temporary solutions to gender-affirming because they must be removed at some point for instance if you are heading to the shower. This can cause gender euphoria as FTM individuals would like to feel aligned with their identity always. Phalloplasty or Metoidioplasty, on the other hand, offers you a penis for you and forever like a cis-man.

How Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost?

● Loss
You may misplace your packer, it can get damaged, or you can quickly lose it. On the other hand, surgeries offer the enviable advantage that once your phalloplasty is done, your penis is yours and yours to keep.

● Discomfort
The discomfort from wearing your packer all day long cannot be compared to the comfort of having your very own penis. A phalloplasty removes any discomfort of having to pack up and down to have the perfect bulge or wearing the Smitizen packer all day.


FTM individuals who yearn for gender-affirming surgeries such as phalloplasty or metoidioplasty should consider costs. Surgeries as invasive, specialized, and delicate operations mean that you should always be on the lookout for quality but affordable surgical options for gender affirmations. Depending on your location, surgeon expertise, operative services, and product costs, you may want to take your time to organize yourself and your financial resources to get the most out of your gender-affirming surgery.

Packers may offer temporary gender-affirming care compared to bottom surgery; however, all use depends on your preference, level of financial preparation, and your choice as an FTM. All the best!

ow Much Does FTM Bottom Surgery Cost

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