Crossplay cosplay: FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guide

Crossplay cosplay: FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guide


Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guide


Cosplaying and crossplaying are often used interchangeably in the world of crossdressers. However, they differ starkly, and depending on the context, they can be a crucial way for crossdressers to express themselves. To Crossplay, FTM should focus on cosplaying specific fictional characters while harnessing the power of make-up and identity switches.

As a beginner FTM in crossplay, here are some beginner tips to make your cosplay costume and have a good time playing the character you love so much through Crossplay.  



Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser GuideWhat does Crossplay mean in cosplay?

Crossplay in cosplay entails the process of expressing yourself fictionally through costumes and outfits of the opposite gender found in movies, anime, books, or video games. To understand the two, it is essential to restrict them as two separate phrases.



Cosplaying refers to giving life to some of your favorite characters, bearing details to give them life. For instance, you can choose to cosplay as the Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls by giving her more life by adding make-up, a green and black outfit Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guideand modifying your hair into a fringe while playing into her persona as FTM crossdresser.


Costume play

Cosplay means costume play, which mostly has its historical roots in the geek and nerd franchises. Crossplay, on the other hand, uses cosplay antics and adds the crossdressing idea into the mix.

As a result, you may find a lady dressing as a man and a man dressing as a woman and playing distinct characters. While anyone can crossplay, it takes a determined and creative effort to mask some female features to present yourself as the male character you are crossplaying fully. Thus, crossplay in cosplay goes hand in hand with the creative process of using make-up and outfits to make yourself an adored male character in your chosen Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guidefandom as a crossplayer.


Crossplay in crossdressing anime

Crossplay in crossdressing anime entails one character, perhaps a male, crossdressing as their female counterpart as their male counterpart dresses as a female character using anime related features. As a result, you are more likely to crossplay in terms of roles, dialogues, activities and actions. The art of crossdressing in anime with crossplay will help you break free from gender norms, which is a satisfying channel to express appreciation of crossdressers in anime.

One aspect that is outstanding in Crossplay in crossdressing anime is the confident and happier demeanor that characters seem to possess in the midst of either trying male or female Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guideclothing, be it a miniskirt, a stocking, or a Lolita dress.

To be able to crossplay in crossdressing anime, as a character, you have to use make-up, and learn how to shape and trim- a form of foam smithing used to make detailed costumes. Consequently, there is no simple way to define and perform the cross-playing crossdressing anime as characters are given the way to espouse a gender that gives them the most confidence, all while making temporary alterations to the body which is uniquely varied.


Can men cosplay female characters?

The idea that men can cosplay female characters is alive and feasible, especially in anime. This is because many men see the women in movies or books, their personalities, aspirations, and Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guidemotivations similar to their own. This is because, at the end of the day, man or woman, we have identical motivations tied to survival, pleasure and pain. For instance, as a man, you can cosplay in Lolita fashion, a cosplay genre laden with vast inspiration from the Victorian era, characterized by Victorian-era dresses.

A man can find cosplaying such a character more endearing and entertaining than cosplaying the gentleman’s dress code, which comes in the form of a suit and a tie. Consider the League player Zach Scuderi, who is cisgender but cosplays as a woman. However, it is essential to factor in the importance of make-up and skill to give you the perfect cosplay of a woman’s character.


Beginner Cosplay Tips

Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser GuideSo, you want to delve into the endlessly fascinating world of cosplay but need help knowing where to start? Worry not. If ogling at amazing costumes is where you are stuck, this guide will give you crafts skills, ideas, and a host of resources to begin your cosplay journey.


Choose a character you Adore

Giving life to a character through cosplay goes hand in hand with your love or adoration for that character. It would help if you connected to the characters by choosing them, and only then can you activate your desire to cosplay them. With that, you can make a costume that you will wear for them. Stay calm if your character is unpopular; the cosplay fandom for FTM crossplayers is vast and varied, and simply giving them life through you is enough.

Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guide

Research on your character

To give life to your character means to know them in-depth. Images, artwork, screenshots, and even dialogues that your cosplay character has will help you make a costume. Please find out about their details, color, and costume fabric through photos. Even so, before you buy a costume for them, research the pattern or foam to make your work easier. Ask FTM crossplay fandom groups about anything about the character you are unsure about.


Start Small: Chose light materials over bulky ones

While some cosplayers will opt for large or bulky materials and thus receive praise, it is essential to start small. Checking your chosen costume material will make a light costume since you Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guideneed to be comfortable from the inside out. Also, choosing light materials will help you save a lot of time and money as a starter cosplayer in FTM


Take care of yourself to ensure your character looks good

This may sound harsh; however, one of the most common cosplay praise you will hear is that the costume looks meticulously good because the cosplayer themselves looks good. While it does not matter if you have freckles or acne, it is usually better to work on yourself, as the better you look, the better your cosplay comes out. A beginner who puts effort into cosplaying while taking care of themselves will shine through the cosplay process making your crossplay transition even flawless for a beginner.


Just do it

Finally, do it! Cosplay your character. Practice if you need to beforehand. Do not worry about making mistakes, as this can be the hallmark of learning. You do not need to experiment with the most expensive material; however, be bold and take a different approach when cosplaying.


Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guide

How To Cross Dress: Female to Male Crossplayers

Crossplying as FTM may entail more crafting so as to achieve the perfect male character that you have in mind. Here are a few steps to take if you want to cross-dress to crossplay as a FTM.


Bind your chest

If you are small chested, this will not be an issue. However, if you have big breasts, it is advisable to bind before trying on your female cosplay costume. Do not use an ace bandage and instead go for a binder used by Trans men. Binding helps you eliminate the feminine frame while enhancing your masculine frame for crossplaying.

Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guide

Build up your shoulder

Male characters usually possess broader shoulders than females, thus, as FTM crossplayers, consider costumes that allow you to pad up for a more masculine silhouette. You can add a coat, jacket, props or an armor on your shoulder plate to enhance your masculine cosplay presence.


Create thicker eyebrows

While not generally the case, thicker eyebrows are associated with men. Men tend to have thicker eyebrows as they do not exercise routine trimming compared to women. As a FTM player, Crossplay cosplay - FTM Beginner Crossdresser Guidetry adding more eyebrow density by adding a darker shade of eye pencil to create a brow bone that is protruding. This especially works for villain masculine cosplay costumes.


Practice getting a deeper voice

With cosplay as FTM it is integral to have a lower octave. Speaking in a lower voice through your diaphragm, to your chest to lower throat is important in creating vibrations in your voice which will be effective in helping your cos and crossplay as an FTM. You can hum in low octaves to sound naturally deep.


banabuddy FTMCosplay And Crossplay as Vital Modes of Expression

Cosplay and crossplay work as beneficial modes of expression that allow crossdressers to connect and live authentically as FTM. You are likely to find a new friend through cosplaying and crossplaying as you are more likely to meet like-minded people there. Cosplaying will teach you that you are worthy and capable of being anything you want. Your confidence to portray your skills and emotions and do what you want to be cannot be downplayed, giving you the chance to represent and express yourself unhinged.



banabuddy ftmAlways remember that most people will appreciate your effort at cosplay, whether you are a beginner or not. And for a crossdresser, merging crossdressing and Crossplay can be an effective way to express yourself in cosplay settings. Always remember to start small when cosplaying; consequently, there is nothing wrong with cosplaying female to male and vice versa. You have the freedom to cross play and cosplay into the character of your liking and it should come with the reward of bolstering your courage for gender expression.




Can you cosplay for the opposite gender?

banabuddy ftm

Yes, cosplay knows no bounds regarding race, age, or gender. You can cosplay anything if you are happy and having fun.


What are some male-female cosplay characters I can try?


Poison Ivy, Storm, Super Girl, and Harley Quin are some of the commonly cosplayed male-to-female characters. Always choose a character you love to make your cosplay fun.


What is an example of crossdressing in cosplay?


An example of crossdressing in cosplay is similar to when a boy wears red-bottom heels. This can be seen in characters such as Sailorman.


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