8.5 Women to Men: Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion

8.5 Women to Men: Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion


8.5 Women’s to Men’s - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion Chart


For FTM crossdressers, it is essential to find shoe sizes that fit comfortably; thus, knowing the requirements that it takes to have an adult man should come into play. FTM crossdressers need not depend on masculine women’s shoes to get a neat appearance when crossdressing to get their actual sizes.

That is why there is the international shoe size conversion chart to help you convert women’s to men’s shoe sizes. These sizes vary depending on location, shoe brand, and gender.



What is a women’s size 8.5 in men’s?

As FTM, individual women’s shoe size 8.5 will be size 10 according to international shoe size conversion size. Add a size of 1.5 to get men’s shoe size using the conversion shoe size chart. Before checking out the shoe size conversion chart, it is crucial to note that your shoe size will be system-rated to 7 shoe size systems as an FTM. These 7 systems depend on which country you are in; the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, China and Japan. Hence, if you are 8.5, you are a woman; your shoe size in the United Kingdom will be 6; in the European Nations, you will go for a shoe size 39; in Australia, you will go for a shoe size 7; in China, shoe size 40 and in Japan is 24.5. These are the women’s shoe sizes across different countries.


country United Kingdom European Nations Australia China Japan
US (8.5) 6 39 7 40 24.5


8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion ChartFrom here you can convert women’s size to men’s for FTM individuals. For instance, women’s 6 will be 7.5 men’s in the United Kingdom. In Europe FTM on size 39 will opt for men’s shoe size 40.5. You can always use the conversation chart to estimate your size as FTM.

However, depending on your location, the chart may offer differing sizes for you to pick from. For instance, the shoe sizes conversation will differ depending on your region, as those of British and New Zealand origins have a different size system from those in countries such as Australia. In the same breath, French prices are often used in countries such as Belgium, Spain, and Portugal. The German shoe size system is prevalent in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.


The British and the US shoe size system

8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion ChartThis type of shoe size system will often vary in numbers; hence, as an FTM individual, you should be keen on the numbers. This system has a rule that men’s shoes should always be one number higher than the feminine. Hence, for a female with size 8.5, the men’s shoe size should be 9.5. Therefore, as you shop as an FTM, consider going for some bargain options, as you can use the US women’s shoe size system to purchase to your advantage.


What size is Nike women’s 8.5 in men’s?

8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion ChartAs mentioned previously, it is essential to check shoe brands when purchasing shoes as an FTM crossdresser. Consequently, Nike is the same. Nike Women’s size 8.5 for FTM crossdressers will be a 7.5. Check out the Nordstrom page to help you with future conversions and references.


What size is a women’s 8.5 in boy shoes?

A women’s 8.5 in boy shoes for FTM crossdresser will be 7. If you want to convert women’s shoe sizes to boys’ shoe sizes, use the basic formula minus 1.5 from the US women’s shoe 8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion Chartsize, and it will give you the boys ‘ size for FTM crossdressers. The formula can also be used reverse to achieve a boy’s shoe size seven or a woman’s size.


How to Convert Your Women’s Shoe Size to a Men’s

You can convert your women’s shoe size to Men’s at any time. You may be wondering why there is a number of disparities regarding shoe-sizing conversion charts. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to the country that you are in as you cross-dress.

8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion ChartThere is a disparity in size of 1.5 size when it comes to men’s and women’s sizing when converting women’s shoe sizes to men’s for FTM individuals. For instance, a woman’s size 8.5 is the equivalent of a man’s size 7. As a result, most shoe styles for men’s smallest size is a 5.5. This also applies to men’s unisex shoe types. As a result, always convert your women’s shoe size to men’s by scaling down 1.5 sizes. The shoe width is constant during conversion; thus, a woman’s shoe width will match a male.


Is a women’s 9 a men’s 7?

A women’s nine can be a seven, depending on the shoe brand, manufacturer material used, and the country you reside in 8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion Chartas an FTM crossdresser. For instance, some manufacturers add a size disparity of either 1.5 or 2 when converting women’s shoes to men’s. Thus, it is very likely as an FTM crossdresser, you will find a woman’s nine being a men’s men’s 7.


Ensuring the Perfect Shoe Fit after conversion 

You must have the perfect fit that leaves you comfortable as a FTM crossdresser. Consequently, paying attention to your foot width and length is essential. Considering the factors affecting shoe sizing standards, such as shoe type and material, will help you make the best shoe choices as an FTM crossdresser. In any case, it is always essential that you use a tape measure or shoe size for more factual measurements.

8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion Chart

It is also crucial to note that shoe sizes will vary based on style and brand name, so always be specific when checking the particular size for a brand or shoe style that fits your preference as an FTM individual. It also helps to seek help from customer reviews and sizing tips that can offer you more information on finding shoes that fit as an FTM crossdresser.


Knowing Your Shoe Size as a Cross Dresser

As FTM crossdressers, you are likely to prefer cross fashion choices for your shoes. Heels for instance are a staple wardrobe choice for FTM crossdressers, thus, knowing your heel height and size can go a long way in helping you 8.5 Women to Men - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversion Chartunderstand what size works for you. You can always use the conversion shoe size systems work for various shoe types, including heels, sports, and casual footwear. Worth noting is that the heel height and shoe height do not affect each other.

Consequently, whether you are a five 7 for women’s and looking for block heels for men, the heel height does not affect the size. You will still opt for a size 8.5. However, for comfort, always bear in mind the size and shape of the heel mound or heel tip for better comfort. This will also include knowing the sizing variations and styles that come with the vast footwear types, which gives FTM crossdressers an accurate size conversion for the shoes they choose.



 8.5 Women’s to Men’s - Crossdresser Shoes Size ConversionYour shoe fit matters as an FTM crossdresser, regardless of which country you hail from. You want to be as comfortable in your shoes as you are in dressing. Consider using the international shoe conversion size to determine which size fits you. Always consider the brand, manufacturer, material used, and your geographic location. The size difference of 1.5 by subtracting from the shoe number to get women’s size indicates that males shoe size is higher than 1.5 from that of women’s. Thus a 8.5 women’s size will translate to a size 10 for FTM crossdressers.




banabuddy ftmWhat is the size conversion for FTM crossdressers, and how can I use it?

Shoe size conversion entails recalibrating your size from one international size to another. It is also used to know your brand size to another and is especially essential when purchasing shoes from vast countries of brands as an FTM crossdresser for a perfect shoe. For instance, understanding an FTM crossdresser women’s size 8.5 to a Nike shoe size will entail understanding these brands’ disparities in sizing systems.


How can an FTM crossdresser convert their feminine shoe size to male  8.5 Women’s to Men’s - Crossdresser Shoes Size Conversionequivalent?

The first step is to convert the women’s shoe size to a man’s to locate the column of women. You will find the corresponding shoe size based on either gender, as a man or a youth, in the next column. Consequently, as an FTM crossdresser, if you wear a size 9 when shopping for shoes, go for a size 7. Always check for branding and the perfect fit, as these size systems vary slightly.


Can an FTM crossdresser youth use this chart to locate their shoe sizes?

banabuddy ftmYes, as an FTM crossdresser youth, you can locate your shoe size, which is always dame for the smaller sizes. The chart will help you convert your woman’s shoe size to men’s or youth’s. For instance, if you are a size 8 FTM crossdresser youth, you will be a size 6. For example, according to the chart, a woman’s size 8 converts to a man’s/youth size 6. This part of the conversion chart can be helpful for you as an FTM crossdresser who seeks more excellent shoe styles or pricing advantages. The good thing is that this chart is printable, and you can use it anywhere.


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