FTM Rights and Advocacy – Speaking Up for Equality

FTM Rights and Advocacy – Speaking Up for Equality

This guide is here to help you learn more about the FtM experience on a personal level. Read more if the challenges and struggles faced by FtM individuals and others in the transgender community are important to you.


FTM Rights and Advocacy 


By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll know more about those challenges and how to advocate for a better future for everyone in this world.




Overview of Historical and Current Challenges Faced by FtM Individuals  


Living as a Female-to-Male person is not easy. Not only do societal norms create stereotypes and hatred for people simply living their lives, but discrimination and inequality plague the transgender community.FTM Rights and Advocacy The additional obstacles FtM guys face can be extremely overwhelming, especially when it is time to seek employment or medical care.


States veto laws and bills designed to protect FtM people as quickly as the Legislature enacts them. Living in a society that feels unaccepting is a challenge in and of itself. Perhaps that is why FtM individuals struggle with mental health at alarming rates.


Importance of Advocating for FtM Rights in the Pursuit of Equality


The only way to make a change is through advocacy. Advocating for the inclusion and equality of all people, including FtM guys, can make great strides in your community and the world. Besides, if you only help one person, your efforts are sincerely worth the trouble.


Trans guys are unable to visit doctors the same way as you and I. Finding gender-affirming care is difficult, and many people in the trans community distrust doctors. Do they really understand the unique needs trans guys face?

FTM Rights and Advocacy

Distrust of the healthcare system and inaccessible care weigh heavily on anyone’s mind. Knowing so many people are against living life the way you feel comfortable can also burden a person’s psyche.


We always say people should live their lives unapologetically. That is why we offer a range of accessories to help FtM guys look and feel masculine and comfortable in their bodies. We recommend using binders and packers,, and maybe even a muscle suit to achieve the look you really want.


Wearing accessories and creating a more masculine look is a great way FtM guys can advocate for themselves and tell the world they are here to stay.  As an advocate, you become part of the fight and play a tremendous role in ensuring healthcare and employment are accessible to all.


Advocating for FtM rights lessens the burden of the fight.


As an advocate for FtM issues, you are a powerful voice in the fight to make tomorrow better for everyone.


Legal Landscapes for FtM Individuals


FtM guys face exuberant challenges when attempting to access healthcare, employment, and equal rights.


FTM Rights and Advocacy


The transgender community has fought for equality and inclusivity for more than 50 years.


Milestones in Legal Recognition for Transgender Individuals


In 1952, Christine Jorgensen became the first transgender woman in the United States after completing a successful sex reassignment surgery in Denmark.  Widely accepted by the public, Jergenson knew her friends in the LGBT+ community were not awarded the same comfort. Her transgender friends faced discrimination, hate, violence, and ridicule every time they stepped out in public, and so often, from family, friends, and loved ones.

FTM Rights and AdvocacyThe fight for equality in the transgender community progressed slowly. By the 1960s, protests in San Francisco sparked encouragement and hope for the transgender community. Soon, protests, police confrontations, and other efforts for equality took place across the country.


By the 2000s, transgendered individuals began to make their voices heard. As a result, anti-discriminatory laws and rights began popping up in states across the U.S. The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and The National Center for Transgender Equality were founded to secure equality for all.


In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage was constitutional in all 50 states. In 2018, the U.S. Defense Department added laws expressly permitting transgender individuals to serve in the military.


Ongoing Legal Battles and Challenges


Despite recent progression, transgender individuals continue to face disparities in society, in the workplace, and in healthcare. The long fight continues.

In 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that civil rights laws protect gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination.FTM Rights and Advocacy Yet, support of trans individuals in the workplace is often obsolete. Cisgendered people can make a workplace a hostile environment for a FtM guy.


Accessing gender-affirming healthcare is difficult still, despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling insurance companies must cover the care when medically necessary. Finding providers is difficult, it can take weeks or months to get an appointment, and even then, there is no guarantee the care he receives will be adequate.


Three years after the Supreme Court ruling, two federal courts appealed the ruling, claiming The Constitution did not provide gender-affirming care rights for citizens.  The FtM community continually faces appeals when legislature changes to accommodate their needs.


Current State of FtM Rights Globally


FtM rights outside the United States greatly vary. In many areas, religion, politics, and cultural influences affect laws and society’s views toward transgender individuals.


Variance in Legal Protections and Discrimination


The United States is not perfect, although the country is progressing toward equality for trans guys. Outside the country, however, FtM guys continue to face violence and discrimination in many parts of the world. Trans guys are not recognized in many countries.


We advise any FtM guy traveling outside the country to familiarize himself with laws in the area he plans to travel. Additionally, purchasing binders and male muscle suits can help him look and feel more masculine, beneficial when outside the country.

FTM Rights and Advocacy

Other countries, such as Malta, Denmark, The Netherlands, and India, are well ahead of the U.S. in legislative laws granting them an identity and protection against discrimination. Legislature and laws, however, do nothing to thwart society’s views surrounding transgender people.


Advocating for transgender rights can shape society’s views across the globe.


Emerging Trends in Legislation Supporting FtM Individuals


The Biden-Harris Administration marked a significant milestone toward progression in the transgender community in 2022 when they acknowledged the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Since this acknowledgment, the Administration has continued to support legislative efforts to create a more inclusive world for the transgender community. Although numerous states have passed laws supporting the rights of FtM guys, just as many continue to fight any measure taken toward acknowledging trans guys.


Intersectionality and FtM Advocacy


FtM guys come from many countries, cultures, and races, and fit into various socioeconomic classes. Showing inclusivity within the transgender community opens doors for more people to support the cause. Furthermore, when trans guys know others like them are within the community, they feel safer and more inclined to share their stories and offer support and guidance, all of which help shape the future of the FtM guys.


Gender Identity, Race, and Socio-Economic Factors


Diversity is the spice of life. In the trans community, there is plenty of diversity to go around, as there are individuals of all races, ethnic makeups, and from all financial classes. Recognizing the intersectionality within the transgender community provides an opportunity to broaden advocacy efforts.  Amplifying diverse voices from within the transgender community can reduce barriers FtM guys experience before, during, and after their transitions.

FTM Rights and Advocacy

Collaborations with Other Advocacy Movements

Collaborations with other advocacy movements/groups provide an excellent opportunity to challenge the many stereotypes and misconceptions scattered throughout the transgender community.

Ensuring Inclusivity Within FtM Advocacy Efforts

Ensuring inclusivity within FtM advocacy efforts allows a complete representation of the transgender community. Advocacy efforts make a greater impact when a broad and diverse range of people represent the group and bolster inclusivity within society.


FtM Rights Within Healthcare


Laws enacted to protect the healthcare rights of FtM guys only address one issue facing individuals seeking gender-affirming care. Finding gender-affirming care providers is another huge barrier to healthcare in the trans community.


Access to Gender-Affirming Healthcare


Research shows that gender-affirming care for FtM guys improves their mental health and overall well-being. Gender-affirming care includes hormonal therapy, medication, and surgical options that help trans guys better align with their gender identity and physical appearance. Transgender people who have access to gender-affirming care feel more accepted by society.


Unfortunately, trans guys do not always have access to the care they need, whether due to the costs or inaccessible providers.  Further harboring healthcare for trans guys are the numerous bills enacted by states to limit or ban gender-affirming care. Twenty-two states, including Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, have banned gender-affirming care.

FTM Rights and Advocacy

When healthcare is inaccessible, it can have dire consequences for guys who are in the transition process as well as those who’ve already transitioned. For example, FtM guys who start hormone therapy and stop can experience hormone-like symptoms that affect every aspect of their being.


The Biden-Harris Administration continues pushing to expand access to healthcare for all individuals.


Availability of Hormone Therapy and Surgical Options


FtM identifying guys can access hormone therapy and surgical options through a handful of medical facilities. Planned Parenthood is the most common medical facility assisting transgender individuals. The facility offers both mentioned services as well as other treatments for gender dysphoria.


In a 2022 study, The Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics reported the cost of gender-affirming top surgery between $6,900 -$63,400. Numerous factors weigh on the total surgery cost. Without surgery, many FtM guys feel inadequate, although they often turn to accessories such as muscle pants with packers attached to help them feel more masculine and content in their bodies.


Insurance may not always cover gender-affirming surgery, particularly Medicaid and Medicare. Policies that do include gender-affirming surgery require that individuals meet the stipulated criteria:


Gender dysphoria documented and recognized by a healthcare professional

Of sound mind and capable of making informed decisions on one’s own behalf


Challenges in Accessing Competent and Inclusive Healthcare


The financial burden of gender-affirming care is one of the many challenges faced by FtM guys seeking competent and inclusive healthcare. Paying out-of-pocket expenses for gender-affirming care is impossible for many individuals who are uninsured or who do not qualify for services under their healthcare plan.


Additional challenges include a lack of access to healthcare, as many facilities do not cater to the transgender community and lack knowledgeable information about their unique care needs. When care is found, it can take weeks or months to secure an appointment for care.


Trans guys may hesitate to seek medical care due to a fear of discrimination or distrust of their medical provider. Living as a FtM individual requires you to be leery of other people for your own protection. Distrust and fear certainly keep FtM guys from getting the care they absolutely need.


Mental Health Support for FTM Individuals


Mental health issues affect one in five Americans. For individuals in the transgender community, the rates are even higher.  Trans guys are more likely to suffer challenges that cis-gendered people do not, increasing their risk of mental illness.


Accessing Mental Health Disparities and Stigma


Anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide play the FtM community. Some studies show that nearly every person within the transgender community experiences anxiety while every other individual faces sadness, feelings of hopelessness, and other symptoms of depression.


Acknowledging the higher rates of mental illness in the transgender community is the first step in addressing the disparities and stigma often responsible for a lack of care pertaining to mental health.

FtM-identifying guys may face mental health issues due to a lack of support from loved ones, financial worries, lack of access to FtM accessories like harnesses and binders, or due to an inability to find supportive mental health providers that can address their concerns.


Advocacy for Mental Health Resources Tailored to FtM Experiences


Every person deserves easy access to mental health services, regardless of their gender or socioeconomic status. Our mental health is just as important as our heart health or our brain health and needs attention to stay at its best. Advocating for mental health within the transgender community can help initiate care for people who most need it.

FTM Rights and Advocacy

Your advocacy efforts benefit FtM guys and the community as a whole.  FtM guys who receive appropriate mental health treatment become more productive members of the community who contribute to the empowerment of the transgender community.


When FtM guys are mentally healthy, the state saves money on healthcare costs.  This potentially saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, money the state can use for other important causes.


Advocating for improved mental health resources acknowledges the need for diversity for all individuals and works to build a more inclusive world where everyone feels comfortable in their own skin.

You can advocate for improved mental health services for FtM individuals in many ways.

Provide a listening ear. Listen to stories, understand the challenges, and resonate with them.


Direct individuals to high-quality gender-affirming accessories, like the large 11” packer, which creates a more masculine appearance for FtM guys.

Refer FtM guys to support when their mental health is not the best. The Trevor Project is one of the largest organizations offering support to individuals in the transgender community.

Connect them to healthcare providers that can provide gender-affirming care and knowledgeable mental health services.

Sign petitions as they come around.


Community Building


Grassroots Activism Within the FTM Community


Grassroots activism within the FtM community involves encouraging others to take action in solidarity and support of their fellow humans. This can include encouraging others to vote in elections or register to find, or discuss issues that other people may find uncomfortable. Working together through grassroots activism strengthens the community and fosters inclusivity within the transgender community.


Role of Social Media and Online Platforms in Advocacy


Social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter are not perfect. Transphobic comments and discrimination exist within the platforms, although moderators strive to maintain inclusive environments. As such, social media outlets provide an amazing platform to advocate for equal rights for FtM and transgender people.


Social media platforms allow FtM individuals to educate themselves and others on topics most important within the community, as well as reach mentors, become mentors, and keep up-to-date laws and legislation.

FTM Rights and Advocacy

Social media reaches a global audience,  broadening the number of people reached while further supporting global human rights efforts.


Organizing Events, Marches, And Awareness Campaigns


Organizing events, marches, and awareness campaigns is an excellent way to show your support and start the conversation about how disparities in healthcare, education, and employment for FtM guys affect their lives.


As a FtM individual or an ally for those who identify as such, supporting efforts to live equally and inclusively can make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many non-gender-conforming individuals.


Events supporting transgender movements occur across the United States. Participating in these events is an excellent way to show solidarity and support for FtM individuals, although organizing new events in your local community is even more beneficial.


Fostering a Sense of Community and Solidarity


Fostering a sense of community and solidarity empowers FtM guys and other trans people.


Support Networks and Mentorship Programs


The following networks provide mentorship and support for people identifying as FtM and their allies.


Akkani/ Black Transmen Mentor Program A group operated by Black transgender men, the Akkani Black Transmen Mentor Program provides support and guidance every step of your transition. https://blacktransmen.org/akanni-mentoring/


female to maleTrans Mentor Project: A virtual program for trans and nonbinary youth aged 13 – 17, this program provides participants with a safe space to learn, find support, get advice, and express themselves and their feelings freely.


Gender Spectrum Online Groups: A group for pre-teens, teens, and their parents, the Gender Spectrum Online Groups provide a platform to ask questions and find support. There are special resources for BIPOC and Spanish-speaking teens and parents.


Gender Journeys Mentorship: An online program for trans and non-binary people of all ages, Gender Journeys Mentorship offers support, guidance, advice, and encouragement for people from all backgrounds.


Asian Pride project: The APP provides stories coming out from the perspectives of family members of FtM and transgender people. This site shares insightful information beneficial to people within the Asian community.


Amplifying FtM Voices Through Storytelling and Media Representation


When you unleash the emotions within you through storytelling, you empower yourself and others who face the same challenges and struggles. You’ll instantly improve your mental well-being and  gain a better understanding of yourself as a person.


As others hear your story, they may gain inspiration to transition, sign a petition, or change their stereotypical views of the community. Your voice has power.


FTM Rights and Advocacy


A few ways to amplify your voice through storytelling efforts include:


Create a documentary/docu-series to share your stories and personal journeys

Write a blog detailing the information you want others to know

Engage in social media networks designed for FtM guys

Write a book about your experiences

Share stories on a customized website for FtM advocacy and support or post the stories on well-known websites of well-known organizations supporting LGBT+ individuals

Participate in local support groups and advocacy activities




FTM Rights and Advocacy


FtM guys understand well the challenges facing the transgender community.

It is up to all of us to come together to empower the transgender community and secure equality in healthcare, the workplace, and in society.

Make your voice powerful and advocate for FtM guys and inclusivity in this world.




male to female


How can FtM individuals advocate for their rights on a personal level?


Advocating for your rights as an FtM guy is easier when you understand current laws and trends in legislation. Take time to learn what is going on locally and nationally. You can then sign petitions, attend rallies and protests, or share information about these issues within your community and online. As you advocate for your rights, you further empower yourself as an FtM individual. Consider adapting to a more masculine appearance using short binders to hold down your breasts, packers, and other male accessories as you attend advocacy events.


What resources are available for FtM individuals facing discrimination in the workplace?


FtM guys who feel they have been discriminated against at their workplace have resources available to assist them with the matter.  You can reach out to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your local advocacy centers such as Legal Aid, and the Human Resources department at your workplace.


How can allies actively support FTM advocacy efforts?


As an ally, you can support FtM individuals through various advocacy efforts. First and foremost, educate yourself about issues affecting trans guys and the entire community. Understand proper pronouns and terminology as well as about the challenges they experience. Listen to their stories, offer your support, and speak out against transphobia and discrimination. You can even attend marches and special transgendered events, as well as vote in favor of more inclusive laws and legislation.


What role does education play in advancing FtM rights and awareness?


The more education a person has regarding the transgender community, the more they can advocate for equality and inclusivity while foregoing gender-based stereotypes. Educated individuals can share their knowledge with other people, allowing more individuals to empathize with their challenges as they better understand that FtM individuals are just like anyone else.


How can FtM individuals contribute to global transgender rights movements?


By reaching out to transgender individuals in other countries, you can provide mentorship and guidance that helps them feel accepted.  Staying up-to-date on laws and human rights issues on a global level, signing petitions favorable to transgender rights issues, contacting lawmakers, and collaborating with allies outside the U.S. are positive ways to contribute to global transgender rights movements.

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